Geco-Bulgarian War
[[File:Greco-Bulgarian War (A Cautious Decision)|frameless|The situation map, 1930]]
The situation map, 1930
Date May 7, 1929 - March 23, 1930
Place Greek and Bulgarian border
Result Allied intervention;
  • Return of pre-war borders
  • Greek reparations to Bulgaria
585px-Hellenic Kingdom Flag 1935 svg Greece
Flag Kingdom Of Albania svg Albania
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Intervention Council:
Flag of the United Kingdom British Empire
Flag of France France
Flag of Russia Russian Empire
Flag of PortugalPortugal
585px-Hellenic Kingdom Flag 1935 svg 842,000
Flag Kingdom Of Albania svg 31,000
Flag of Bulgaria 985,000 Intervention Council 560,000
Casualties and losses
136,000 47,900 4,500

The Greco-Bulgarian War (May 7, 1929 - March 23, 1930) was a conflict fought between the Kingdom of Greece and Bulgaria. 

Following the World War, Greece officials held military plans detailing an invasion and occupation of Bulgarian lands with a Greek majority. This was followed through on May 7, 1929 following scandalous rumours of a "Greek Genocide" throughout Bulgaria, and Greece went forward on their plans to "intervene on their people's behalf". 

This was quickly repelled by the Bulgarian army, which used the most technologically advanced weapons (of the time) to force Greece back into their own territory.

During this period, the defence branch of the International Executive, the Intervention Council, called the member states forward to prepare an military intervention to "keep the peace" between the nations.

Fighting flared up between the three powers in early 1930, before a deal brokered by the International Executive aranged an uneasy peace deal where borders were to be returned to the pre-war state, and the Greek government was to pay war reparations.

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