Greater kingdom of the Netherlands
Groot koninkrijk der Nederlanden
Timeline: Greater Orange

OTL equivalent: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and French Flanders
Flag of the Netherlands Royal Coat of Arms of the Netherlands
Flag Coat of Arms
Europe mapNED
Location of Greater kingdom of the Netherlands

Eendracht maakt macht (Dutch)
("Unity makes strength")

Anthem "Wilhelmus"
Brussels Brussels
Largest city Amsterdam
  others French
Demonym Dutch
Government Unitary parlementary constitutional monarchy
Monarch King Willem-Alexander
  Royal house: Oranje-Nassau
Prime Minister Mark Rutte
Currency Gulden
The Greater kingdom of the Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy located in Europe, It borders France, Prussia and Hesse and has a maritime borders with England, France and Prussia. It is the main constituent country in the Greater kingdom of Orange, which compromises of Netherlands, Indonesia and Suriname. The largest cities in the Netherlands are Amsterdam, the Hague and Brussels. Amsterdam is the country's capital, while Brussels holds the Dutch seat of government and Parliament

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