October 24th 1929, New York: The stock market was bad. It was very bad thought James Malone. But said it would be all right and nothing would happen. Three months later he was found dead from gunshot wounds he paid some mobsters to shot him to death.

June 20th 1930, Berlin: Hitler was finshed. A nonracist fascist party had been good for everyone be it religion or colour. This lead to fallouts and fights between Nazi and DFP but they wore same uniforms with both emblems being the same. They both had a elite bodyguard and stormtroopers. But they still attacked communists. But the DFP were allies with social democrats and other fascist parties.The DFP SS were the best of the best so most Nazis joined either the SR or SS. The person in charge of the party Hans Stahl and in charge of the SS were ex- Hitler bodyguards and Hedrich Hath.

June 22st 1930, London:

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