Shortly after hearing his brother's murder by the natives, Leif decides that this means war, and after 20 years of colonization and fighting natives, Leif dies of food poising. His son Helge whose mother was a Native Green-lander decides that his father's work needed to be finished once and for all, Leif's other son Bjarni (named after the one who was blown off and accidentally found America) says that his work was already finished with the death of 87% of natives in the Markland/Vinland/Northeast US area, so the land granted to Leif by the king of Norway, (now strong enough that he conquered Denmark and the west German coast and Netherlands, was split in half, the Markland area to Helge, and the Vinland and south of Vinland to Bjarni, they lived 27 years at each others throats until Bjarni's wife, who also happened to be the queen of Sweden, died. Now with Norway's North American colonization campaign in gear, the Swedish allied with Byzantium, and followed a trade route to China. Some of them settled down and lived in China, 34 years later now governor of the southern territories and king of Sweden, Bjarni's adopted son (he was found to unable to have children) united all of Scandinavia and the Balkans under one flag. while Helge's influence dies and the nation of Krigeren Imperium is now exploring the coast of Africa, after a first contact with the Mali empire, the Scandinavians not having any immunity to African diseases, mostly malaria, now forge an alliance with Mali and introduce European technology to Mali, all except the boat. Due to Mali's intolerance of other tribes, many flee to Scandinavia and most get jobs as indentured servants in the new world. the Franks have taken over Spain, Portugal and what was left of England (the Danelaw is still there, it is mostly just a trade center for the goods from the New World into the British isles.) They were addicted to sugar and all they got was from the Danelaw that got it from the new world, the Franks attack the Scandinavian colonies, but when the franks try to attack the now allied Cherokee tribe (who was integrated into the nation as mercenaries.) The Franks did not know how to hunt food in that terrain or how to filter water, so they attacked natives for such, and the natives were prepared, while invasion of the Frankish mainland was in effect and Paris was captured as well as Gibraltar and most of Iberia, the Franks surrendered, forced to give up the rest of England and Iberia was annexed by the Scandinavians, Byzantium is making a comeback, annexing Venice ,Sicily ,and Naples. The Scandinavians now know of the Meso-Americans civilizations, due to most Scandinavians suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration, the mass number of Malian immigrants and natives are the ones leading the charge against the now huge Meso-American empire (due to no interaction with Europe the Aztecs managed to conquer all of Meso-America and also expand to the Inca empire). Armored with mostly stone technology they fall pretty easily, that and no small pox immunity (the northern natives were with Europeans earlier than the real world so they developed immunity the same time Europe did) they died very quickly, and then there was a huge exploration movement, seeing how the coast of the Americas was already known, and now the government now in order to colonize this vast land has a one-half off taxes if you have over eight children, and with the Amazon forest, the biggest ship was ever made, it was meant to go to Frankish and other countries coasts to scare them from declaring war. It sank 15 years after its construction due to it not being able to dock, it was impossible to make repairs, but it inspired a new age ship, a mix of the old viking long ship, and caravels. It was peaceful for the next 50 years, the Scandinavian Government was too busy with colonization and dealing with convicts running into untamed forests, but in Asia China had finally ended the mongols reign, and with the surplus of soldiers, China took over Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines. China was in a standoff with India who had taken Persia and most of the Himalayan city-states, they compete over who is the major trade power in Asia. The year is now 1838 and India has now colonized the eastern coast of Africa, getting into multiple wars with (modernized) Mali, who had conquered much of Africa. Byzantium has now fallen, Greek rebels outnumbered those loyal to the emperor and the no longer are allied with Scandinavia, because Byzantium was the only one to sell the goods from Asia to the minor powers of Europe (not Scandinavia), and seeing how everyone despised the Scandinavians the Scandinavians only sold the goods to people in Scandinavia. Due to a bad harvest and multiple trade embargoes the Danelaw falls. meanwhile India takes over Arabia, abolishing Islam. China now has discovered east Siberia and Australia, Ireland seizes opportunity and take over Scotland, Wales, and England and now allies with Scandinavia. due to a great economy the Irish invent the Airplane and the metal ship, Serbia now takes Croatia, Albania and Greece, India now take a part of the Sinai peninsula exposing it to the Mediterranean, border conflict between China and Scandinavia over the Aleutian islands, in an unseen move India attacks China, in this surprise attack the Indians march all the way to Malaysia, both India and China were modernized just months before, India in its Arabian mining operations made a type of gas used for warfare that can kill, China also developed a "unique" type of artillery that scatters bacteria grown in a certain type of factory, this is the beginning of WW1, due to Scandinavia's trade policies with China and India, it try's to stay out, but secretly sells weaponry to China, the once jungles of Siam are now trench's, because of India's use of gas most vegetation dies, even if immune to the gas the artillery kills the rest, India desperate to hold off China, decides to hit its weapons producer, it was a secret at first but then it became obvious. India aids the southern rebellion in Scandinavia, were today's Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Bolivia, the Scandinavians learn this and they call the Irish into war against India, but because the Scandinavian troops were centered around the Rebellion, Serbia seeing an opportunity attacks the Russian area of Scandinavia caught by surprise the Serbs make their way 200 miles from the Balkan coast. When winter came the Serbs were then pushed back - all the way back to their home soil in under a month, the Scandinavians were winning, but not without taking heavy losses. The south rebellion marches north all the way to Panama, but leaves most of Brazil alone. China has a revolution, due to the war the government was taking very high, and if you didn't pay your taxes on time they would experiment new weapons on you, (they are westernized in technology but in culture they are still very much barbaric). and so the Chinese government was holding them off, but could never shut them out completely. for seven more years the war continued nearly all fronts had trenches except for the southern rebellion, which there was a rebellion in itself, in the occupied territory there was resistance from those who were still loyal to the emperor. and in China the rebellion is bigger and bigger, China leaves the war and gives up Siam and Indonesia to India so that most of the forces can fight the rebellion. Scandinavia finally tires out, they recognize the southern union to be a nation, and gives up all of South America, yet in one blow, the Irish mount a huge offensive in Arabia with the help of locals, attack Indian soldiers, and manage to allow the Scandinavians to break through Indonesia and Siam, Serbia surrenders, the Scandinavians and Irish manage to corner India after five years of fighting. India surrenders, the world celebrates, Norway and Denmark leave Scandinavia, and other Baltic states do the same, North America is divided into two different nations, Markland to the north and Nova Mali to the south, Siam and Indonesia form a new nation, the Pacific Republic, all is well for 42 years. Television is invented and life is peaceful. The world is no longer imperial as it once was, the Norse nations turn into democracies, England and Scotland are free once more, but the revolution in China contradicts what I just said about peace, the rebels won, and a communist government was put in place. New China invaded the Pacific Union and annexed it, the world was shocked, but no one wanted to ruin 42 years of peace. Then China took Australia and New Zealand, and it did nothing for another seven years. but then China launched an attack on Markland, and invaded it up to 400 miles from the coast. the Scandinavian union is gone, but what was left of it are still allies, WW2 has started the allies declare war (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Markland, Nova Mali, Iceland) the rest is up to your imagination, but one thing I will say on the Norse nations badge for wounded is Leif's brother.

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