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Quick Facts:

  • Population: 12,098,381
  • Short Name: Switzerland
  • Land Area: 23,673 Sq Mi.
  • Capital: Bern
  • Largest City: Zurich
  • Government: Democratic Confederation
  • GDP: $1,358.9 Billion

History: The Old Swiss Confederacy was founded on August 1, 1291 CE between the rural communes  of Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden. Then in the

Politics: Switzerland is a direct democratic republic with a consertive leaning. Corruption is nearly nonexistent and one of the most stable governments ever, with New Canada and Scandinavia only being higher. They have a total of 31 cantons.

Economy: The Swiss Economy is mostly specialize in services but does has a large industrial sector. The Swiss Economy makes every year  144.8$ Billion from watches, 131.2$ from tourism, 50.9$ Billion from agriculture, 145.7$ Billion from tourism, 168.4$ Billion from finances, 130.9$ Billion from pharmaceuticals, 114.5$ Billion from the arms trade, 68.7$ Billion from mining, 93.6$ Billion from foodstuffs (including their world-famous chocolates and cheese), 140.2$ Billion from textiles, and 169.9$ Billion from other economic fields. Switzerland's economy makes $1,358.9$ Billion and GDP per capital is $112,320.81. The currency is the Swiss Franc, having low inflation levels.

Demographics:The Swiss Confederation has a population of 12,098,031. The official languages in order from most common to least is: German, French, Romansh, and Italian.

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