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The POD is that in the Soviet war in Afghanistan, they began to realize that the USA was supporting the Afghans, so they decimate the population the nation completely and they then turned Afghanistan into a SSR, giving them a foothold in the Middle East. They then used this as a springboard to invade the rest of the Middle East, using the same technique of blockading them from foreign aid, then attacking them until they surrendered. This worked to great effect, and by 1989, they had effective control of the entire of the Middle East.


This caused a great problem for the USA, as they relied on the Middle East for the Oil to keep their economy afloat. With the USSR refusing to trade with the USA, they were forced to go elsewhere for oil, but, with the extra money from the Oil, the USSR was able to fund a Communist Revolution in Brazil, which brought the Government down. This revolution swept across South America, stopped only at the Panama Canal, and the Falkland Islands. The Communists in Power in South America refused to sell the oil in the rain-forest to the USA or allies, as they were Soviet Puppets in all but name. The USA was now without any means to get oil except from Australia. The USA was refused oil by the Australian Government, as they were in the throes of a Communist uprising, which eventually claimed the Country.

War has come

As the USA grew more and more desperate, they realized that the only place other than the USA that had oil and wasn't communist was Africa, but by this time they did not want to be denied by another Soviet Funded Communist Government. The sent a request for an Oil Agreement to the Ivory Coast, but as the USSR had already begun to fund Communist Rebels there, they refused. The USA, tiring rapidly of being blocked at every turn, and growing more and more desperate for oil, as the Oil in Alaska wasn't enough to sustain the USA's vast appetite, decided that enough was enough. Ronald Reagan in a speech to the US people, said "We have stood by long enough, as the USSR's insidious tendrils have spread over the world, corrupting great nations, and crushing democracy. We will stand by no longer! The United States of America is now at war with the USSR!" With that single speech, the fate of millions of people was sealed.

Opening Moves

The first move by the USA was to attack the South American Communists. They swiftly learnt that what they had experienced in Vietnam, was nothing to the hell of fighting through an entire continent of the same conditions. They poured billions of dollars, and thousands of troops into this fight. They were eventually forced to pull out due to unacceptable casualties.

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