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Electorate of Greater Saxony
Kurfürstentum Größer Sachsen

Duchy of Greaty Saxony
Herzogtum Größer Sachsen
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Electorate of Saxony , Margraviate of Thuringia
Coat of arms of Saxony 1504 - 1656
FlagGrtSaxony.png COAGrtSaxony.png
Coat of arms
Official languages German
Demonym Saxon, Thuringian
Religion Western Catholic
Government Vassalized Monarchy
 -  Duke Adalbert von Wittelsbach
 -  Golden Bull 10 January 1356 
 -  Bavarian Vassalization of Saxony and Thuringia May 12, 1504 
 -  Consolidation of Saxony and Thuringia February 21, 1561 
 -  Creation of Sachsen-Franken January 1, 1656 

The Electorate of Greater Saxony (German: Kurfürstentum Sachsen, also Kursachsen), was a state and elector in the Holy Roman Empire. Since the sixteenth century, it was also a vassal of the Grand Duchy of Bavaria. In Bavaria, it was referred to as the Duchy of Greater Saxony, composed of the former Counties of Saxony and Thuringia.

Rulers of Greater Saxony

Bavarian Counts of Saxony & Thuringia (1504 - 1561)

  • Countess Elisabeth I von Wittelsbach (1504 - 1532)
    • Vittorio Erani
  • Count Albert IV von Wittelsbach (1532 - 1561)
    • Amalia von Schalzow
  • Count Adalbert I von Wittelsbach (1561)
    • Baroness Klaramund von Wittenburg

Bavarian Dukes of Greater Saxony (1561 - 1568)

  • Duke Adalbert I von Wittelsbach (1561 - 1568)
    • Baroness Klaramund von Wittenburg

Bavarian Grand Dukes of Greater Saxony (1568 - 1656)

  • Grand Duke Adalbert I von Wittelsbach (1568 - 1577)
    • Baroness Klaramond von Wittenburg
  • Grand Duke Adalbert II von Wittelsbach (1577 - 1599)
    • Hilda of Austria
  • King Franz-Albert II von Wittelsbach (1599 - 1633)
    • Never Married
    • Governor: Wilmer von Schaffer, John of Munich
  • King Franz-Heinrich I von Wittelsbach (1633 - 1644)
    • Adelheid of Saxony
    • Governor: John of Munich
  • King Leopold I von Wittelsbach (1644 - 1652)
    • Maria of Wurzburg
    • Governor: John of Munich, Andreas von Nikolberg
  • King Leopold II von Wittelsbach (1652 - 1656)
    • Klara von Eggenburg
    • Governor: Ingrid von Habsburg-Wittelsbach

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