Flag of Russia

Russian Flag


The Soviet Union collapses after the military fails to stop the Ukrainians from taking over Kiev.


With the Soviet Union gone, the United States tries to make a Democratic New World, but when they invade Columbia 50,000 Marines die by a Nuclear Blast. Due to this, Ronald Reagan resigns.


Russia United Party becomes increasingly corrupt making people lose faith in it. 'The Ultranationalist Party' 'becomes 'the second largest in the country.'


'The Radical Democrats take over the country and promise an end to American Imperialism. Due to thi,s 45% of all foreign bases are closed'.


A coup in the Russian government happens by the Ultranationalists, and is very successful. Seeing this a threat to national security, Poland leads an Eastern European coalition against Russia.


After several months of intense fighting, Russia captured Poland and turns Eastern Europe into puppet governments.


The Iraqi-Iran war spirals out of control as the entire Middle East becomes involved. Oil prices goes up too $250 a barrel. Due to this, United States starts to buy oil from Siberia.


Russia experiences an economic boom that makes their GDP skyrocket.


Russia's military becomes the largest in the world, and the most modernized. Using its military strength the ultra nationalists move military forces into the Middle East and secure 80% of the world's oil supply.


The Chinese Civil War happens and the government is near-collapsed. Due to this, the government promises Hong Kong and Shiang-hi to Russia for Military Support.


The United States economy is near collapse, as the government bails out most major American industries. The Great American Patriot Organization is formed. They are terrorists who believe that the government is evil and the UN is trying to take over the world.


The Coalition Of EurAsia is created by Russia. It is an organization like NATO and it holds some prominent members: China, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, and Pakistan.


President Bill Clinton is assassinated, due to the bombing of UN Headquarters Building. The GAPO claims responsibility for this. The UN seeing that they need to move their headquarters move it to Russia.


Nationalism in America is at an all time low. Many Americans now believe that the only way for the United States to succeed is to join an one world government. While in Russia, Russian President Levi A. Galishkinov declares himself Czar. At age 36 he was a Spetznaz GRU operative until he become involved in politics after the "liberation wars" of Iraq and Saudi Arabia. He hatred of America is well known due to the fact he was tortured by an American Black ops Team in '92.


Iran declares that it plans to get rid of American and Zionist influences in the area. U.S marines and Special Forces are successful in destroying GAPO.


Newly elected President John Kerry announces the merge of North America into one single government. This is met with opposition with the military especially General Harting, so he stages a secret coup and makes Kerry a puppet president. This is unknown to most of the public.


Planning to make the U.S a world power once more, Harting sends SEAL team 6 to assassinate Czar Levi. They attack him in Red Square, he escapes and realizes it was the Americans. The war has begun.

August 20, 2006

After a month long emergency peace meetings in Geneva, 1.5 million Russian troops storm the Eastern sea board. The next day 1 million troops storm Eastern Germany and advance steadily toward Berlin.

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