List of Nations


  • Russian 'Volunteers' from Alaska join the Union troops fighting in Maryland.


  • The Civil war ends earlier with Russian help. The United states agree to buy Alaska under the reconstruction programme in exchange for USD 7.2 million.


  • US spies learn of a plot to assassinate the Tsar in Russia. Thanks to the message carried to Russia, the plotters are all arrested on March 13.
  • April 6- Alexander opens a Duma, or Parliament. He later commissions them with writing a Constitution.
  • April 9- Alexander visits President Garfield in a formal visit at Washington. The USA agrees to help Russia modernize in return for zero tariffs on Russian oil.
  • May 9- The Charter of Russia is complete. It is passed in a referendum by a margin of 33%.
  • Russia begins a series of "sessions of economic reforms" which would help modernize it. The first session of reforms deals with industrialization, the Second one deals with the Military, the Third one deals with modernizing Agricultural tools helping the country grow. His court would summon scientists like Nikola Tesla and Dimitry Mendeleev, various industrialists including JD Rockefeller and Economists from the Austrian school of Economics to assist Russia. Farmers and peasants begin to produce more food and expand their field.


  • Parliamentary elections begin for the first time. Alexander Ul`yanov's Social Democratic Labour party (known informally as Bolsheviks, or Whigs) wins a majority in the Duma, with the crown party (or Tories) being the opposition. A smaller Citizens' rights party is also formed.


  • The SDLP try to pass legislation which calls for the nationalization of the oil industry, but it is struck down by the Russian constitutional court due to treaty obligations.


  • President Arthur appears before Alexander's court with an arms deal (two American frigates in exchange for a US naval base in Russian Manchuria)


  • Russia's first session of economic reforms is complete, the factories slowly start to produce more products with the new tools.
  • A very serious program occurs in the Ukraine which at least 3000 Jews were removed from the area due to this. Most of them were relocated all around the Russian nation.
  • After a very high profile murder trial (with Russian newspapers especially Pravda covering every moment of it), three men are convicted and sentenced to a hanging death.


  • Alexander Ulyanov attempts to get a bill passed banning pogroms and racial segregation, but it is narrowly defeated at the crown party held upper Duma.


  • Elections are held again. This time there are two new parties: The Labour Party (much more left wing than SDLP) and the Green Party (which is centre right). The Citzens' rights gain six seats, the Labour Party two, and the Green Party one. The SDLP loses six seats and the Crown party loses three.


  • The Pacific war breaks out between Spain and America/Russia. The treaty of Tokyo would cede the Philippines to America and Spain's Caribbean territories to America as well.


  • William McKinley is assassinated by an anarchist. The Tsar Vladimir III sends his condolences.
  • President Roosevelt signs the Treaty of Vladivostok, cementing the Russian-American alliance. The treaty enumerates mutual economic and military co-operation, promises to defend each other if one is attacked and a promise to stay out of European conflicts. The USA also decides to stay out of wars as well.


  • The Wright brothers make the first powered flight in history. President Roosevelt's Secret Service would take the brothers to the US army base in Nevada where they would construct more advanced models of planes.


  • Russia goes to war with Japan, starting the Russo-Japanese. America doesn't send military forces, since Russia is offensive, but defends it by sending arms and funds.


  • Russia by this stage is moving down to Korea and has captured Seoul.
  • Japanese forces stride through Korea in Pyongyang, and reinforcements manage to kill Russians in Korea and libibriate Seoul.


  • The Von Schlieffen Plan is abandoned because of Russia's neutrality in Europe.
  • Japan sends an offensive into the Russian Mainland, and suffers a naval loss at sea.
  • Russia takes another try at taking Korea but are stopped even before reaching Pyongyang. Japan tries another offensive and in successful. The Russians leave Korea to beat back the invasion.
  • Both countries sue for peace. At the Treaty of Moscow, Russia would get part of Manchuria, and Japan would take control of the Sea of Okhotsk. This forces Japan to expand its empire through mainland China.
  • As Russia was more successful, there is no 1905 revolution.


  • Theodore Roosevelt wins an unprecedented 3rd term.
  • A mysterious explosion occurs in Siberia, which is a mystery to the present day. Nobody knew what it was because they were far away from the explosion site.


  • Tsar Vladimir dies. His third son Czar Boris is crowned.


  • A Serbian terrorist kills the Archduke of Austria Hungary and his wife.
  • Austria declares war on Serbia, but France goes to war at the same time with Russia being absent.


  • After a skirmish in the Caucasus between Russia and the Ottomans; Russia and America (though was suppose to avoid wars, but this time they wanted to help Russia) enter the war on the Entente's side. Germany enters with Austria-Hungary.


  • British enter on the Entente's side once Belgium is attacked and starts forcing back Germans out of France, and Russia is successful on the Eastern Front.


  • In the Treaty of Versailles, Russia gets the Bosprous Straits and annexes the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, the Balkan nations, and Eastern Germany. France is allowed to take German territory 20 miles in.


  • The Great Depression takes place, which starts in America first.


  • Adolf Hitler is elected to the Reichstag, as Chancellor.


  • The Pact of Steel is signed between Germany, Turkey, Italy, Japan, Siam, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Persia, Argentina and Venezuela.


  • Britain, France, Russia, and the USA begin plans for dealing with Hitler.
  • The Pacific War breaks out when Japan invades the American Philippines. Germany invades Romania and Russia at the same time while Turkey marches up the Caucasus with Persia and Afghanistan. The USA declares war on the Axis.


  • Russia squashes the small Japanese offensive at Manchuria.


  • Russia decides to Annex Japan and Korea in order to remove the thorn in its side. It is eventually agreed by the USA for this to happen. Tensions begin to show between the two power blocs.


  • Russia fails to defeat Turkey at Adrianople when Persian and Afghan reinforcements arrive, thanks to General of the Persian Army Nernis Jerrinanimos.
  • Russia completes an A-bomb in Siberia, after the first one was made in U.S.


  • A single bomber flies into German Territory and hits it with a nuclear bomb, killing Hitler and much of the General staff. Albert Speer signs the surrender instrument. Under the surrender terms, Russia would get all of Scandinavia except Denmark and all of Eastern Prussia as well as annex all of Turkey and Romania. A cold war begins between USA/Britain/France and Russia.
  • The people of the American Philippines rebels. The rebellion is put down by American soldiers within a matter of weeks.


The United Nations becomes set up, this time, forcing all nations to join.



The Exploration of Space begins.


  • Boris Yeltsin wins the duma elections against the incumbent Junichiro Koizumi


  • Russia makes it to the asteroid belt.


  • Gloria Arroyo becomes the first Filipino-Russian Prime minister.

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