What if the Ottoman Empire always remained a great empire? Note: Bad grammar and alt-Historian.


After Mohacs, Suleiman besieged Vienna but failed. So he wanted to do it next time but other political affairs made him busy with other stuff.

But what if he had besieged Vienna a second time and won?

End Of Austria

Suleiman, with an army of:

30,000 Men

14,000 Cavalry (commanded by his son, Bayezit)

500 Cannons

attacked Vienna at night. Emperor Ferdinand woke up and saw the Ottoman Army. No one could defend the city,

Ferdinand then came out of the palace and surrendered.

The Turks gave him a list of stuff that would affect both him and Austria.

  • Austria would be a vassal of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Ferdinand would have to change his Christian name and religion or he would be executed.
  • Ferdinand would be the governor of the vassal, renamed "Avusturya".

It wasn't what Ferdinand wanted but it was worth it.

Ferdinand's changed name is Ali.

This shocked all of Europe. The Pope said that there will be a new crusade.

Tenth Crusade

The French, English, Spaniards, Portuguese, Germans, Poles all attacked the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans, now all weary, have no time to fight anymore but encouraging propaganda made them defeat everyone (except the Portuguese).

The World Today

I couldn't think of anything else, anyway. The world would be a lot different.

In WW1 The Ottomans side with the Allies.

In WW2 Ottomans side with the Allies.

In 1954 Ottoman Republic Is declared.

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