After the Confederacy captured Washington, D.C. the states of New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, and Delaware seceded to form Greater New York, choosing Manhattan as the capital.

Today, Greater New York is an economic superpower and has the second largest military in North America.

Greater New York is currently lead by President Andrew Cuomo (NR) and Vice President Jack Markell (NR).


The Greater New York Constitution is similar to the former US Constitution in that it calls for a bicameral legislature, an executive branch, and a judicial branch. However, they are separate in that the Greater New York Constitution gives both the President and the Vice President the additional power to vote on legislation. The President, along with being required to enforce legislation, can also propose legislation relating to budgetary matters and international treaties, which requires a two-thirds vote from both the General Assembly and the National Senate to pass. The President, instead of being elected to a four-year term, is elected to a six-year term, and if both houses pass a joint resolution with a four-fifths vote, a recall election for the President may be held.

Greater New York also calls for a stronger national government, with state governors being mandated to follow national policy directing them on how to enforce legislation, along with their own state legislation. This stronger government is likely due to fear of secession after the collapse of the Old Union. 

Due to Delaware's reliance on the Slave Trade, slavery was not entirely eliminated in Greater New York until 1894.

The Greater New York Bill of Rights outlines rights that are considered inalienable. It may be added to by the amendment process, which allows constitutional changes if they are supported by a three-fourths vote in both legislatures. For more information see Greater New York Constitution (Article under Construction)


In 1863, Governors Horatio Seymour (NY), William Buckingham (CT),  Charles Olden(NJ), and William Burton (DE) agreed that mutual secession would be an efficient way to prevent Confederate Takeover (Delaware, as a slave state, wanted a peaceful transition to a new government and not a forced transition to a confederate government), and all states voted to secede, forming Greater New York, with a constitution drafted on February 8, 1863. 

On the first Presidential election, on March 3, 1863, Horatio Seymour was unanimously elected President, and Former United States Senator from Delaware James Asheton Bayard, Jr. was elected Vice-President. Seymour chose Fernando Wood, former New York City Mayor and Member of the US House of Representative as Secretary of Trade and Fiscal Policy, and Former US General George McClellan as head of the Greater New York Armed Forces. These proved to be the two most notable appointments, as Wood favored maintaining a strong trade relationship with the Confederacy while McClellan favored use of armed forces to take over Maryland. In a compromise, Wood was able to maintain a stance of neutrality while McClellan raised a national defense force of about 70,000 troops.

On June 4, 1864, Greater New York was attacked in what was known as The Battle of Delaware. McClellan had 25,000 troops already stationed in Delaware for security reasons, and was able to get an additional 20,000 from Southern New Jersey to Delaware by June 6. Battle raged on for two days, and ultimately Confederate forces were left weakened and unable to take Delaware. On June 9, 1864, all confederate troops had officially left Delaware. 

(Under Construction)


The Two Major Political Parties in Greater New York are the Center-Left New Republican Party (NR) and the Center-Right Democratic Freedom Party (DF). The parties have similar names to the pre-secession American Democratic and Republican parties, but both changed their names to distance themselves from the failed American President Abraham Lincoln and the controversial Confederate President Jefferson Davis, respectively.

The New Republican Party has control of the Presidency, with current President Andrew Cuomo being a member. The New Republicans also control 8/12 seats in the National Senate and 22/40 seats in the General Assembly.

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