Greater Ming Empire
Timeline: Radioactive Tide (Map Game)
Gm Chinese Dragon Banner
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem: San Man Chu-i
Capital: KwangChow (de facto)
Largest city: KwangChow
Other cities: Nanying
Language: Chinese
Ethnic group: Chinese
Type of government: Democratic constitutional monarchy
  government: Representative democracy
Emperor: Shun Guang
Premier: Ma Kao Sing
Established: 355
Currency: Chinese Yuan

Greater Ming Empire is a country located in Southern China. It's a Democratic constitutional monarchy. It controls Southern China but lays claim to all of known China.


Before 1644 (310), the Song Empire controlled all of China. Its capital at Nantong. In 1653 (319), many troops rebels in the Nantong, they coup the Song Empire. Then the Ming Empire was build up now. It cost 20 years to re-control all of China. They capital in Nanking.

After the World wide disease, some of survivors landing in KwangChow, they establish a new empire, the emperor was the ex-Ming Empire emperor, as known as the Shun Guang. They also founded an army call 華南解放軍 (Liberation Army of Southern China), it control the Southern China in two weeks.


The Greater Ming Empire economy is similar with Our Living World. It formed by a link which supply the goods or service. More than 5000 farms is located in the Kwangtsung. The peasant using the aeroplane to farming. About the goods supplies, more than 1200 factory is in Kwangtsung, they supplies the most goods in the country.

In cities, citizen can buy their need things in the market establish by government, many of citizen can have enough of food and daily goods. Many people can get a job and gains a great wage that least enough of their need.


Because of the low population, factories which have been reconstructed use machines to made goods. The manager looks over them in his room that all of the factories. Few people will use their own car, which were found.

Explore of unknown land

For the explore of unknown land, the empire has made up about 200 radio station, for contact and using radio find out the people who living in the unknown place. In this year, Territories Office has received about 120 unknown radio waves.

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