Greater Korean Republic
Timeline: South American Rising
Japan Korea China Flag 8898294-imperial-eagle-most-resembling-that-used-on-the-coat-of-arms-of-the-german-empire-in-the-late-19th-c
Flag Coat of Arms

Empire of Japan

Following the Meiji restoration Japans leaders have seen the need to westernize, taking a cue from many western nations so as to be never forced by a western power again. Japan remained a Minor Power until recently as its Ever Growing population needed resources and its leadership became increasingly militaristic. This culminated in a series of wars and conflicts ending in a massive string of victories for the Japanese Empire.

Sino-Japanese War

Short and Relatively lacking in Bloodshed the Japanese Empire engaged on a massive campaign to expand and grab more resources for its homeland. This culminated in the Sino-Japanese War and ended in a very large Japanese Victory Securing Korea for Japan and showing the beginnings of Japans empire. 

Relations with China

Following the Conflict with China and subsequent recognition by Russia, the Japanese began reconciling with the Chinese and have as of right now entered into a profitable partnership and even securing the Chinese interior from rebels solidifying the Relationship between the two nations

Dysfunctional World War


The Japanese Creation of the SDC and the subsequent joining by many powers most notably the Germans, and British led to a very interesting development. They believed this alliance gave them the opportunity for crushing the Russians among other Enemies, but when the allies decided to hold off and not join in the obvious unwarranted destruction of a Country.


The Japanese Decided to take very heavy advantage of the situation and proceded to attack many colonial powers while they were distracted with their european issues. The Invasion of French Indochina with Siamese and Japanese troops had shown that Asia could be united under one power. The invasion went relatively well and ended with the French leaving their colony Wholesale essentially abandoning it to Japan.

Biting off more than it could chew.

The Japanese didn't end their conquest in French Indochina and proceded to take on the world spanning British Empire. Distracted by conflicts world wide the British suffered heavy defeats and lost half of one of their most profitable colonies. India, Myanmar and Singapore have since fallen under Japanese Administration and control

Korean Rise


Following the huge ascension of Japan onto the World Stage the Global economy suddenly became very important. Trade was hence necessary. With this when the Influenza hit the Japanese Islands they were wholy unprepared and had to take drstic actions. Most of the Casualties were focused on the Islands and thus the population suffered greatly.


Following the Influenza the Global Depression hit and crushed many southeast Asian economies. With Korea maintaining a decent State economy Japan began to recede as Korea began to accend to Japans influential level. However due to the Empires Economic issues more and more duties were passed off to Korea to handle and the Thoughts of seizing the Empire for themselves began to Form.

Greater Korean Republic

Following the failure of the economy during the Depression the People urged by Korea began to clamour for a reformation into a Republic, the man who devised this was openly accepted by the emperor who believed he had accomplished much as emperor, hence believing that Japans imperial era would be over

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