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Greater Korean Party
Political Chief Park Ji-man
Founded August 27, 1946
Youth wing Park Chung-hee Youth League
Ideology Korean nationalism
Social nationalism
Social conservatism
Political position Right wing to Centre-left
National affiliation Fatherland Front
International affiliation International Meeting of Social Nationalists
Official colors Blue
The Greater Korean Party (Korean: 대고려당; 大高麗黨 Dae Goryŏ-dang) is the founding and ruling political party of the Republic of Korea. Similarly with other social-nationalist parties in East Asia, although nominally exists alongside the Fatherland Front, a coalition of governing political parties, in practice, the Greater Korean Party maintaining a unitary government and centralizing the state, military, and media in Korea. The Greater Korean Party is organized according to line of Social Nationalism and National Democracy. The current political chief of the Greater Korean Party is Park Ji-man, the only son of former leader of Korea, Park Chung-hee.