German Empire
Greater Germanic Reich
Timeline: Principia Moderni II (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: German Empire
Greater Germanic Reich
Flag of German Empire
States of the German Empire

Für die Stabilität von Europa (German, some Italian)
("For the Stability of Europe")

Anthem "das Deutschlandlied"
Capital Bamberg, Imperial Regional State
Largest city Munchen, Berlin, Nuremberg, Dresden, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Vienna
Other cities Langwied, Grafelfing, Planegg, Pullach im Isartal, Prague
Language German, some Italian
Religion Freedom of Religion
Ethnic Group German, Italian
Demonym German
Government Constitutional Monarchy
  legislature The Reichsrat
Kaiser Kaiser
Established 1780(as Suddeutches Reich) 1828( as the Greater Germanic Reich)
Currency Reichsmark
The Greater Germanic Reich was founded directly after the completion of the Third Unity War with Germaica. The Empire is a Constitutional Monarchy headed by the Monarch. The government consists of the Senat, and Reichsrat. Elected from the property owning persons of respectable personage. After many years, the nation modernised and liberalised so much that a change of name, The Democratic Commonwealths of the German Empire was decided on in 1910

States of the Reich

Bayern- 1780

Saxony - 1780

Brandenburg- 1828

Switzerland- 1817

Hamburg- 1827(gained statehood)

Poland- 1826

Slovakia- 1828(divided from Bavaria proper)

Prussia- 1852 (annexed)

England- 1870

Scotland- 1873

Ireland- 1873

Commonwealth Nations

Administered by Bavaria

  • Democratic Commonwealth
  • Bavarian Borneo

Bavarian Vassals

  • Nord Tyrol
  • Baltica
  • Prussia

Administered by Saxony

  • Saxon Australis
  • Saxon West Africa
  • Saxon Khmer Koch

Saxon Vassals

  • Anhalt
  • Cologne
  • Kingdom of Tanimbarkai


The Crown: will add later

Sovereignty: all states will hold semi indepenedent status, with each state allowed a national army for defense. The States must all aid the Central Government in times of war. Each state may tax as desired, but tax is to not exceed the Central tax rate of 10%. Each state is allowed to govern its own affairs unless they clash with precident set in the constitution.

Constitution: A constitutional convention will be held in 1830 to ratify a constitution for the Greater Germanic Reich. 

Governance: There will be a Imperial Reichstag that will consist of 300 Senat members elected by each state, and a Reichsrat which will be elected represenatives from each state based on population. Senat members will run for election every 5 years, whereas Reichsrat  members will be elected ever 2 years. A High Chancellor shall be appointed by the Monarch to oversee daily affairs of the nation, the Chancellor will have the power to declare alliances, but must seek Reichstag approval for a conflict.

Military: The navies will be combined into one Imperial navy. It will be commanded by the Imperial Admiralty, which will be head up by appointed naval officers by every state; States are permitted to use their navy for their own purposes, although common goals come first. Each member retains a defensive army. States have unlimited access to one another.

Religion: All states share in the Freedom of Religion act of 1781.

All states colonies and territories are included in the Union, but are adminstered by their home nation.

Historic timeline

1780- Bavaria and Saxony form the Suddeurches Reich

1817- Switzerland is defeated and is added as a state.

1823- The Third Unity War was declared.

1828-The Third Unity War resulted in the full unification of the Germanic lands.

Foreign Relations


  • France
  • Italia
  • Orissa
  • Imperium Africana
  • Scandinavia
  • Hellenic Union
  • Levant
  • Portugal
  • Maya
  • Russian Federation

Friendly Relations but no alliance

  • Ukraine
  • Neu Berlin



  • Sumba

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