German Reich
Greater German Reich
Nazi Germany
Deutsches Reich
 Großdeutsches Reich

Timeline: New World Axis

OTL equivalent: Germany, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, All of Russia until the Arkhangelks-Astrakhan line, and Alsace-Lorraine.
(and largest city)
German,Polish,Russian, French,
  others Czech, Slovak, Italian
Religion Lutheran, Catholic, Protestantism
Führer Aldrich Heisenberg
Established 30 January 1933
Currency Reichsmark (ℛℳ)

Nazi Germany, as it is commonly called by the English-speaking world, is one of the world's superpowers. It also possesses the largest national economy in the world (Which stands at $40 trillion), the most advanced and strongest military, and also the 4th most populous country in the world, behind India, Japan, China, and Brazil.

Germany as a nation was only conceived when Bismarck united the German city-states and countries under one banner, but the country has had history centuries before that

The nation controls territory from the eastern tip of France to the majority of European Russia, the Baltics, the Ukraine, and the Caucasus states. Germany had stopped on racist and extremist policies to prevent further revolution, such as the Polish Uprising of 56 and the Kiev Rallies, and successfully pacified the occupied peoples for the time being

The Second World War

Germany had swiftly cleaned up any remaining opposition to it in Mainland Europe with the exception of the Soviet Union. Instead of the suicidal Barbarossa, he chose the much easier Brandenburg, which was a military operation that aimed to take or force Turkey to join the Axis and invade the Middle East, with the possibility of linking up with Japan on the Indian subcontinent. The plan was made immediately after the fall of Greece, which called for the stationing of 1 million men near East Thrace and the invasion of Cyprus to intimidate Turkey into submission. Turkey then joined the Axis on 1942 out of fear. 6 months later, a European Axis invasion of the Middle East, starting in French Syria and on Palestine took place. The Middle East front is agreed by historians to have been concluded on the Battle of Dubai, where German and Japanese troops eradicated the last British defenders on the Peninsula. After securing a land border with Japan, Hitler and Hirohito, with their generals, convened in Istanbul (modern day Constantinopolis) to discuss an invasion of the Soviet Union

...more to come

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