Greater German Reich
Timeline: Dawn Has Fallen

OTL equivalent: Germany
Flag of the Greater German Reich

Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer "One People, one Reich, one Leader" (German)

Capital Berlin
Largest city Berlin
Other cities Hamburg, Leipzig, Frankfurt
Language German
Religion Various
Ethnic Groups
  others Various
Demonym German
Government Totalitarian dictatorship
Führer Adolf Hitler (1933-1950)

Albert Rueckert (1950-current)

Population ~122,344,775 
Established January 30, 1933
Currency Reichsmark

The Greater German Reich is a single party fascist state that started and ended the Second World War by conquering nearly all of Europe. A leader in both the development of science and industry, the German Reich was the first human nation to achieve spaceflight, and with that, the first nation to land on the moon and develop a moonbase.

The Greater German Reich put up fanatical resistance to the Shanxi Invasion and consequently suffered for it. Shanxi landings were concentrated in Europe and the German nation would face the majority of the Scinfaxi forces for the entirety of the war. With static defense lines useless against the Shanxi the German armed forces operated on a campaign of mobile defense fighting running battles throughout much of Britain, France, and Poland.

The destruction of major cities like Berlin and Stuttgart decapitated the nation both militarily and politically with nearly all of the Nazi upper leadership killed between 1950 and 1952. A provisional military government led by Albert Rueckert retained nominal control over the nation with resistance falling into the hands of local army commanders. Only the detonation of an atomic bomb in the Ukraine prevented a complete collapse of Germany drawing Shanxi forces away and granting critical time to German scientists unlocking the potential of captured Shanxi fuel sources. German made nuclear weapons were soon detonated in quick succession in the Balkans and Italy, which when combined with similar developments across the world resulted in the retreat of all Shnxi forces to the Middle East and Africa.

Europe was thrown into chaos with the governments of Italy and Spain essentially ceasing to exist. The German Army, the only force in Western Europe capable of operating effectively in the devastated countryside would work to restore order in the years following the end of the First Shanxi War. While losing much of their wartime gains, the Greater German Reich in 1953 consisted of the Iberian Peninsula, France, Central and Southern Europe, and the westernmost portions of Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, losing their eastern territories to the advancing Soviet Union, that later declared a war of revenge for the losses during World War II. 

Reconstruction would remain the top priority of the German Reich well into the late 1950s and early 1960s combined with renewed development into rocketry. In 1967 a manned German spacecraft landed on the moon, sparking a Cold War and Space Race with the United States, Anglo-Canadian Kingdom and the Soviet Union. 

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