Großdeutsches Reich
Greater German Reich
Timeline: Das Rote Kaiserreich

OTL equivalent: Germany, Alsace-Lorraine, Southern Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Western Ukraine and Belorussia
Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945) Reichsadler der Deutsches Reich (1933–1945)
Flag of the Reich The Reichsadler

Motto: Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer
(German: One People, One Reich, One Leader)

Anthem: Das Lied der Deutschen
Capital: Berlin
Largest city: Berlin
Other cities: Warschau, München, Hamburg, Danzig, Prag, (Sometimes) Zürich
German, Scandinavian, French, Baltic Languages
  Other languages: Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Belorussian, Finnish
  Other religions: Orthodoxy
Ethnic groups:
German, Polish
  other: Baltic, various Slavic, French
Demonym: German
Type of government: Semi-Democratic Dictatorship
  government: Reichstag
Führer: Helmut Christian Göbbels
Reichspräsident: Helmut Christian Göbbels
Area: approx. 1,100,250 km²
Population: approx. 197,500,000 inhabitants (not counting minor groups)
Established: 27 February 1933
Currency: Reichsmark
Time zone: CET
  summer: CET+1
Internet TLD: .de
Calling code: +00
Organizations: The Axis, German-Russian Pact, World Trade Coalition, League of Peace
Borders: Denmark, Reichskommisariat Moskau, Finland, Slovakia, France

The Greater German Reich, commonly known as Germany or the Reich, is a founding member of the Axis. It is a semi-democratic dictatorship, led by the Führer (who also serves as the Reichspräsident) and a small cabinet of highly influential ministers. It is very militaristic and spends a lot of its annual GDP on military. Germany has the highest HDI, GDP, second highest Per Capita (Finland has the highest) and the second largest military spending (behing the Russian Empire).

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