Großdeutsches Reich
Greater German Reich
1933 – Present
Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945) Reichsadler der Deutsches Reich (1933–1945)
"Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer.
("One People, one Empire, one Leader.")
First stanza of "Das Lied der Deutschen" followed by "Horst-Wessel-Lied"
Geographical location:
Greater German Reich
The Greater German Reich, 2000.
Official language: German
State ideology: National Socialism
Government: Single-party state,
Head of state
- 1934 – 1962
- 1962 - 1975
- 1975 -
Adolf Hitler
Joseph Göbbels
Udo Voigt
Head of government:
- 1933 – 1962
- 1962 - 1975
- 1975 - Present
Adolf Hitler
Joseph Göbbels
Udo Voigt
Area: ~32,263,019 km²
Population: Two billion
- Total:
- Per capita:
2007 estimate
$20 trillion
Currency: Reichsmark

The Greater German Reich, also known as Nazi Germany and the Third Reich are the common names given for Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party (or Nazi Party) regime set up in Germany in 1933. It is a totalitarian dictatorship that has lasted since 1933 to the modern day and is a major worldwide superpower because of its expansionist foreign policy which resulted in World War Two, although this only lasted from 1939 until 1990 as Britain, Canada and the USA all sued for peace as the Germans progressed their nuclear, chemical and biological warfare technology with their ever increasing GDP.




The German Reich's economy is built on three major columns:

1. Slavic people, Jews and homosexuals are used in large scale farming efforts from 1945-1965 when they ran out of Jews and Slavs. Homosexuals are still used as free labor for farming as well as criminals and POW's from the wars with China and India.

2 As the population grew rapidly in accordance with Hitler's goals so did they level of captured factories. In Hitlers last days he ordered a "Second Industrial Revolution". This aimed at expanding industry to make way for all the growing Germans and now are the leaders in industry.

3. Genetic tampering which is 20-30 years ahead of the USA and other powers. Every German's average living is now 120 years old and there are cases that are expected to live for 200+ years

Foreign Relations


Being the World's one and only Superpower, the Third Reich's Military force is separated into four Main Branches:

 Is the only air force in the World. After World War 2 the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Republic of China, and Japan all signed a treaty known as the Third Limits. The treaty was to give the responsibility of the American, Chinese and British Air defence to the Germans and that the Japanese Air force was to be converged into the German Air force. The German Air force doesn't act like a branch of the military, but as an organization. In 2001 the German Air force knocked out the Iraqi Armed forces in just days of Aerial Bombardment, after Iraqi Authority limited the amount of oil out of their country . The German Air force acted alone and under no regulations it was partially controlled by the American Oil industry.The German Air force also did Humanitarian Relief efforts World Wide. In 2004 after the Indonesian Earthquake that left roughly millions homeless, The German Air force helped airlift millions of tons of equipment and relief supplies from Japan.

The German Navy: The German Navy has its presence World wide, it may not be as big as the Japanese Naval forces or as advanced as the American but it has some of the greatest Ships ever built. The German Naval Force Pacific is currently the only Navy in the World with an "Island". The Island or the G-33 is a large man-made flotilla that houses 600,000 personnel and their family members. It has a dock and an airfield which can support the An-445, the world's largest Airplane. The flotilla is located 3000 miles from the Republic of Hawaii and is powered by a nuclear reactor. It can reach anywhere on the globe in less then four hours.

The German Army: Is the World's Largest Army with more than 13 million active personnel and another 18 million reservists. It also has a security pact with the United States which adds another three million to the World's Largest Armed Forces. The only Army near enough to be compared the German Army is the Royal Japanese Army which has roughly seven million active personnel, and three million reservists. In 2005 the Germany sent its Army into Mexico to help out with the increasingly Violent Drug war. It was the first time since 1956 when Germany was attacked by Italy that the German Army was used. Through roughly six decades of just sitting there the Proud German Army took four months to stabilize Mexico with only six casualties - all of which were from a unknown influenza.

The German Coast Guard : The German Coast Guard operated Worldwide. Either hunting down Pirates in the South Pacific, or doing Search and Rescue missions in Alaska, the German Coast Guard is there!

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