Greater German Federation
Großdeutschen Bund
Timeline: Principia Moderni

OTL equivalent: Most of Eastern and Central Germany and all of Austria
800px-Flag of German post (East Germany) svg GermanPresidentialStandard
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem ""Auferstanden aus Ruinen"

("Risen from Ruins")"

Berlin and Vienna Berlin(Mostly) and Vienna
Largest city Vienna
Other cities Munich
  others Hungarian
Religion Roman Catholic
Ethnic Groups
Mostly German
  others Italian, Hungarian
Demonym German
Government Federation
  legislature Greater Federated Parliament
Established 1972
Currency German Mark
Calling Code .gdef
The Austrian Empire is a country in Central Europe. It is a Hereditary Monarchy with a developed economy, with a sizable army with the majority of the population consisting of Germanic peoples, with the exception of the Hallstatt Celtic cultures in central Austria. Its current of head of state is Emperor Franz Ferdinand, and its current Chancellor is Ivan Doruntz. In 1936, the United Imperial States of Greater Austria (UISGA) was formed. When the old German union fell, Austria was without a important ally in the north. More than 70 years later with Austria, The State of Bavaria and The Brandenburg formed the Greater German Federation (Deutsch:Großdeutschen Bund) which is the betterment of a German peoples of Central Europe with its capitals being Berlin and Vienna.

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