Greater French Republic
Grande Royaume de France (FR)
Flag of France.svg
1951–1979 Flag of France.svg
Flag of Italy.svg
Flag of Philippe Pétain, Chief of State of Vichy France.svg Coat of Arms of the French State.svg
Flag Coat of arms
Présidente, Personnes, Pays
President, People, Country (EN)
La Marseillaise
Map of Greater French Republic.png
Territories of Nationalist France at its height in 1965
Capital Paris (Political)
Government Totalitarian Dictatorship
President Philippe Pétain (first)
Michel Debré (Last)
Historical era Cold War
 -  Established 1951
 -  Disestablished 1979
Currency Royaume Franc (₣)
Today part of Flag of France Socialist Republic of France
Flag of Italy Empire of Italy
IberianFlag Union of Iberia

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