This timeline is about a event which brings a successful victory to the Nationalists in the Chinese civil war in 1926 over Mao's Communists. The main divergence is that a small groups of Chinese dissidents in 1980 were sent back in time after a strange incident send them in the 1926 Chinese capital, Nanjing. Those dissidents were able to help the Nationalist party consolidate their hold with new technologies, political help and social reforms on the nations and thus changing the world forever.


In a small house in the city of Nanjing, China, a small groups of four Chinese dissidents was having a meeting, they were already ready to flee the Peoples Republic of China to Taiwan. They were all very smart people, Chang was a scientist, Zao was a skilled engineer, Kang a doctor and Jun was a teacher, all those people were against the government politics and it was know it. As they were preparing themselves to leave the house, they hear the Chinese police arriving near the door and the group was forced to leave in. They take a car and try to flee but the groups had a accident. They later wake up in an unknown place where everything was older and after that Jun saw the way the buildings were built and the population was dressed, he understand that they were back in time. While Kang and Jun were searching a way to return to their period, Chang saw the opportunity and change the whole world story.

The modernisation of China

The modernisation of China was a period in the Chinese history who occurred from 1926 until the end of the year 1930. After the arrival of the small dissident group in front of the Nationalist government, they were offer a deal that if they could build something useful, there help proposition would be considered. It did not take long before the challenge was relieve when a machine gun near the HK-47 from OTL was invented and prove its utility against the communist. With Chang and Zao help, the technology explode as a new jeep was introduced the same year, a new light tank in 1928, a heavy tank in 1930, the first Chinese built plane in 1932, and the first chopper in 1937. The civilian modernisation also go at a good rate as Zao help to build infrastructure like road to host the newly developed cars, modern hospital also rise from the ground in 1928 with assistance from Kang who learned some futuristic way to cure the some diseases to the medical personnel and by 1936, the Chinese hospitals were the best on the entire planet.

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