Greater Cotsland is a Kingdom is a kingdom which its formation happened at 98 AD.

Flag BerthelierInterceltic


Greater Cotsland is a Kingdom which appeared when around 80% of Celtic clans collated in 98 AD. Each Clans is governed separately except for a King who governs all Clans.

Unlike Kingdoms in OTL which the Crown is passed down through generations, this Kingdom has it in which each clan proposes a member and everyone in Cotsland elects a king from the proposed.


Classical Era


Greater Cotsland formed when Ívan Dempsey declared a coalition between nearly all Celtic Tribes. Dempsey was the first king of Cotsland.

Greater Cotsland Map

Greater Cotsland early in formation about 100 AD.

Trades with Germania

Cotsland was diplomatic with Germania, and begun trading with it around 106 AD.

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