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Map of the Greater Bermuda Islands.

The Greater Bermuda Islands, more commonly known as Greater Bermuda, are an archipelago of three major islands in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. The islands have two sovereign nations, the Bermuda and Muir.


The islands were discovered as early as 850 A.D. when Norse raiders destroyed homesteads and monastaries in the Azories and the Amperes, and find the islands while sailing toward North America. They estabalish settlements on the Greater Bermuda Islands as well as the Kelvin and Corner Islands. The first sighting by Spain was by Juan de Bermúdez, who brought the news back to Spain. Both Spanish and Portuguese ships used the islands as a replenishment spot for fresh meat and water, but legends of spirits and devils, now thought to have stemmed only from the callings of raucous birds (most likely the Bermuda Petrel, or Cahow), also the loud noise heard at night from wild hogs and of perpetual, storm-wracked conditions (most early visitors arrived under such conditions) and a surrounding ring of treacherous reefs, kept them from attempting any permanent settlement on the "Isle of Devils".

The island was claimed for the English Crown c. 1609, and the charter of the Virginia Company was extended to include it. St George's was settled in 1612 and made Bermuda's first capital. It is the oldest continually inhabited English town in the New World.

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