United Provinces of Greater Austria
Timeline: A Changed World
OTL equivalent: Austria,Czech Republic,Slovakia,Hungary,and Croatia
1920 — 1977 AD Flag of Austria
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918).svg
Flag of Greater Austria
United We Stand,Divided We Fall
Freedom for all

CapitalVienna and Budapest
Official languages German and Hungarian
Regional Languages Serbian
Ethnic groups  Austrians,Bohemians,Croats,and Hungarians
Demonym Austrian
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 -  King
 -  First Minister
Legislature Parliament
 -  Germanic-Hungarian War 995-1010 AD 
 -  Feudal War 1460-1470 AD 
 -  Bohemian Rebellion 1877-1883 AD 
 -  Croat War 1910-1916 AD 
 -  Austrian Merger 1919-1920 AD 
 -  World War 1935-1940 AD 
 -  Germanic Unification War 1950-1957 AD 
 -  Socialist War 1972-1976 AD 
 -  Federalist Reform 1977 AD 
Drives on the Left

Greater Austria was a nation in Europe.


Greater Austria was founded in 1920.It was formed from the Austrian Merger.

Background and Formation

When the Habsburgs ascended the throne of Austria,nothing was set for greatness.The Habsburgs made Austria great.The origins of Greater Austria lay in the Dynastic Union of Austria-Bohemia and Hungary.The Croat War saw Croatia annexed to Hungary.When the Hungarian King died,the Austrian King inherited Hungary.He immediately began the Austrian Merger.

Establishing a Nation

In the aftermath of the Merger,much still needed to be done to build a true nation.

The World War


Germanic Unification War

Rump State

Socialist War and Return to Glory

Federalist Reform


Foreign Relations