المملكة العربية عربي
Greater Kingdom Of Arabia
Timeline: America Takes All Lands From Mexico And Ottoman Empire
Preceded by 1929-1945 Succeeded by

Ottoman Empire

British Arabia

People's Republic Of Yemen

Saudi Republic
Jordanian Kingdom
American Israel
Republic of Iraq
Democratic Republic Of Syria
Socialist Republic Of Oman
United Arab Emirates

Flag of Saudi Arabia Coat of arms of Saudi Arabia
Flag Seal
Location of Greater Kingdom Of Arabia

الله العرب مسلم ونحن لا نريد أن يكون فال (Arabic)
("Arab God Of Muslim We Do Not Want To Be Fall")

Anthem "March To Arabs"
Capital Jeddah
Largest city Jerusalem
Other cities Damacsus, Dubai, Aden, Baghad
Language Arabic
Religion Islam
Ethnic Group Arab
Government Royal Monarchy
Area 25,895,378 km² km²
Population 54 million 
Currency Riyal
Arab Kingdom Is Composed A Region And Formed In 1929 And Collapse In 1945 When Arab King Executed New Countries Are :Peoples Republic Of Yemen, Republic Of Iraq, Republic Of Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Republic Of Israel, Democratic Republic Of Syria, Kingdom Of Jordan,

New Countries