The GAC is now defunct - It was merged with the Western Union to form the Great North American Alliance



The Greater American Cooperative's mission is to ensure the protection of the interests of the nations that comprise the former United States. It has been determined that a central governing body was needed to oversee the various nations in North America, yet no one nation loses sovereignty. This body will perform functions similar to that of the OTL Articles of Confederation in that each nation is its own. The only thing that the GAC controls is internal relations and trade. No member of the GAC may war against another member. The GAC Advisory Board will oversee any conflict of Interest within the Co-Op.


Current Members

  • Ohio
  • American Union

Retired/Resigned Members

  • Confederate States of America

Kicked Out Members

Greater American Advisory Board

The Advisory Board oversees any internal trade disputes, and any American nation interested in joining the GAC. Any and all issues in regards to membership, as well as voting, will take place here. (NOTE: This is for voting. For discussion, see below.)

Discussion Board

War With Texas

  • CSA: Any idea on how we should split it up after the war?
  • Chill, you didn't conquer me yet and you don't have an algorithm yet. Read the game, please.
  • Texas: Texas proposes the following peace agreement to the GAC: Both parties agree to peace and we merge our unions, creating an American Union. Then, we can claim parts of North America, so that no war has to be fought on American soil over land again.
  • Ohio: Ohio thinks that it is a sound plan to ensure political stability in America, but states that this proposal must also go to the CSA. Ohio supports this notion and is more than willing to move towards it, but it is ultimately the CSA's choice, as it is their war. I am merely an ally supporting him in his efforts.
  • California: We understand that you are merely aiding an ally, but how many people have to die for the sake of loyalty?
  • Ohio: Perhaps we can issue a temporary cease-fire until matters are resolved.
  • CSA: The CSA will agree to peace and the merging of the unions if the Texan union joins the GAC and if the following map is accepted to divide North America: The NPC country can be divided later.
    • 'OFFER123'Just popping in, but how about you guys have a cease-fire while you debate? GRSGov 03:06, June 4, 6484 (UTC)
    • I though we already had a cease-fire, but if we don't, then let's stop fighting until we are done debating.
  • California: Guys, let's make a peace treaty, then divide up North America amongst ourselves. Now, here is what I have:
  1. All hostilities between Texas and its allies and the CSA and its allies will end.
  2. No territorial changes.
  3. All of North America will be divided up amongst the participating nations to prevent future conflicts.
  4. The GAC and WAU will unite to form the Great North American Alliance (not the official name, just like that one).
  • Cascadia: I agree to the terms.
  • Correct me if I have missed anything.
  • The CSA will agree if it can have guaranteed access to the Pacific Ocean, and that Carolina's recognition will be withdrawn, as the CSA has crushed the rebellion, but otherwise the CSA agrees to the terms. DeanSims
  • Ohio will agree to these terms as long as Ohio gets the apportioned land in the map and access to West Coast shipping. Once everything is agreed on. I will merge our two pages into a new one. Andr3w777 22:24, June 4, 2012 (UTC)
  • Cascadia will agree if they get a piece of the North American pie and control of OTL Alaska.
  • Texas will agree, however there are two things - one, Texas would like to see Carolina become a nation, to help balance power - two, Texas feels that on this map, the CSA is granted too much land, considering that it was the one that initiated this unneeded war that killed so many of the people in all of our countries, not to mention that on this map, the CSA is granted Texan land. Texas feels more satisfied with this map -
  • The Carolinian Rebels have not been crushed. Your military is the about the same size as the Carolinians.GRSGov 01:13, June 5, 1929 (UTC)
  • The CSA refuses to recognize Carolina, and states that Texas gains too much land.
  • The CSA gains too much land in the first map - and they had unrestricted access to the Pacific ocean. Besides, in this map, everyone gains more land. Considering that Texas was attacked by the CSA, Texas does not see why it is not fair that it should receive more land than the CSA.
  • You want the war to restart with Confederates using nukes on the front lines? We propose these borders with NPC nations still there
  • With NPC Nations
  • and this map if we divide the NPC countries: Without NPC Nations
  • Dean, for the last time, you don't have nukes.
  • Texas: Texas again refuses. Texas does not agree with giving the CSA its own personal access to the Pacific, and in this map, the CSA is given too much land. Texas will not, for now, expand out of the black portion of land, and still feels strongly about Carolinian sovereignty.

Humanity Awake

  • California: We propose this map. As you can tell, the CSA gets a little more land than in Texas's proposal, but less than in the CSA's proposal. As for the CSA's access to the Pacific Ocean, we can have add a proposal to the treaty to where we allow for everyone's markets and roads to be available for everyone in our alliance.
  • Texas: We are satisfied with this map.
  • Cascadia: So are we. We think that we should adopt a single currency for easier trade. We propose the North American Dollar.
    • Texas agrees
  • Ohio: is it possible to have Ohio expand into the Great Lakes region? The AU got a lot of land in OTL Canada.
  • Texas: If it is at all possible, you will receive the great lakes. The only concern is the NPC controlling it currently.
  • CSA: The CSA refuses the terms and states that Carolina will not gain independence.. The CSA STATES THAT THESE TERMS TREAT THE CSA AS A LOSER, AND IT IS NOT. The CSA threatens to detonate nuclear bombs in Texas if the CSA doesn't gain a Pacific outlet.
  • Dean, you do not have nuclear weapons. I have repeatedly explained this to you and I am getting tired of you not listening.
  • Texas: No one else has a problem with the agreement except you, and we refuse to be bullied into doing what you want. Cascadia has graciously offered free trade in one of their ports for the other members of the alliance, so you do have a Pacific outlet. Carolina wants to be free (not surprisingly), and we support them.
  • California: Dang it, CSA, we can and will continue this war if we have to. It's a good deal where everyone wins, and you still don't like it.
  • California: Aw man, new nations just formed. I have updated the map to reflect what lands we will take:
  • Ohio: Ohio would still like the Great Lakes region. If this war continues, Ohio and the AU will hold a private(and secret) meeting with Cascadia and Texas.


  • Stupid Rockies. I think the mods are just screwing with us now lol
  • I wasn't messing with you, but sorry for da trouble :D GRSGov 02:39, June 7, 1751 AD (UTC)
  • No problem. If it weren't complicated, then it wouldn't be fun, now would it? CourageousLife 02:41, June 7, 1836 (UTC)
  • Texas: Since so many new North American Nations are popping up, I feel like we need to have them agree to the treaty to become a recognized nation, just so we don't have more fighting. Something like, the 'American Successor Act' or something
  • CSA: Carolina is occupied by CS troops. I will drop my claim to a Pacific outlet in return for you withdrawing your recognition. And it only formed because a mod did not like me and wants me to lose. And why am I being treated like a loser, I was winning in the algorithm.
  • Texas: Listen to what I'm saying - A) You have a Pacific outlet because Cascadia will allow all nations in the Union to access and use it, therefore, we still recognize Carolina. B) The mods not liking you had nothing to do with why they created Carolina. C) It doesn't matter who was winning and who was losing in the algorithm, because everyone will be treated the same. Just because you may be stronger does not mean that you will bully us around and get your way. D) Frankly, everyone, even your own allies, are getting tired of this. Just accept the treaty and be grateful that we are trying to be fair, because truly, in all fairness, you would be getting no land, so stop complaining.
  • CSA: The CSA is occupying Carolina, so except for Carolina I accept the stupid map. And I am not going to be treated like a loser.
  • California: Let's make a compromise here: Carolina can still be an independent nation, but its total land area is cut in half, and the other half is given to the CSA.
  • CSA: NO! NO COMPROMISE, I'VE LOST TOO MUCH TO DAMN COMPROMISE! CAROLINA IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE CONFEDERATE!!! (Note that I'm not actually mad, I'm just enthusiastic. Wallbash Run
  • Ohio proposes an amended map with Ohio in red. Ohio HA
  • California: As long as it has no player, we don't mind Ohio. @CSA: I will allow you to take over Carolina, but no one will give you aid. Fair enough?
  • CSA: Fine. But I will colonize as much as I can and I'm not part of the GAC and will not trade or contact any of its members after this treaty.
  • California: You can colonize as much as you want, as you as it is plausible. If it isn't, then I will say it isn't. And colonising any time within the next two years for any of us is implausible as we have just fought a long expensive war.
  • Cascadia: Let's take over some tribes!
  • American union agrees with this map
  • California: Okay, so let me make the final outline of the treaty:

Treaty of Houston

  1. All hostilities between Texas and its allies and the CSA and its allies will end.
  2. No territorial changes.
  3. All of North America will be divided up amongst the participating nations to prevent future conflicts.
  4. The GAC and WAU will unite to form the Great North American Alliance (not the official name, just like that one).
  5. All nations of the GNAA will have free trade between its members. All roads are to be open to each others merchants.
  6. All nations without players are fair play; However if anyone attacks a nation with a player will face the wrath of the alliance, excluding should they have a good reason or they are from a different continent.


  • California: California officially signs the treaty.
  • Texas: Texas officially signs the treaty
  • Cascadia: Cascadia officially signs the treaty.
  • So, let me get this straight, the CSA isn't part of the alliance anymore?
  • Ohio Will officially signs the treaty. (No the CSA decided that they no longer wished to be allied to anyone. The Hermit Land...)
  • American Union: The American Union signs this treaty and may God help those who break it.
  • Durango: We, the Empire of Durango sign this treaty with hope that it will help.

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