The Great Uniter of Earth
Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

Emblem of the United States of Earth


Title abolished
Last held by:

Kuvira Laghima

Held in: 1990 - 2000

Style Your Excellency
Residence Palace of the Republic, Republic City
Appointer Self-declared (originally)
Direct election (planned)
Term length None
First (and final) holder Kuvira Laghima
Formation 1990
Abolished 2000
The Great Uniter of Earth was the title of the Supreme Leader of the Earth Empire. Its only holder was Kuvira Laghima.

It was intended to be a temporary title which gave absolute power to the person wielding it. After the unifcation of Earth had been completed, the position would have become more restricted and subject to the Supreme Congress.


Kuvira Laghima was a United Republic politician, who strongly believed in the ideals of equality, democracy, freedom; but above all unity. Suffering several trauma's as a child, this is believed to have greatly affected Laghima's personality according to historians.


On 16 July 1990, Kuvira Laghima called upon the people to meet in the Square of Great Unity, near the Palace of the Republic, in Republic City. There, Kuvira was met with a grand applause; and tens of thousands of people witnessed the Declaration of the Earth Empire.

Laghima's speech is displayed below.

“My fellow citizens, today is the day. Today, the day has come to spread our prosperity, our technology, our happines, our glory, to the entire world. Millions of people continue to suffer, to starve, to live in ignorance, or opression. Things like monarchies, poverty, inequality, oppression, discrimination continue to rule over a large part of the world, and these people have no one who will aid them. Not only is the idea of people "inheriting" entire nations archaic, so is the belief in non-existent entities. Given the time, we can end this all, we can achieve peace and harmony on this planet. We cannot allow despotism and evil to rule over this world, our world. We must liberate them, help them. I hereby announce the declaration of the United States of Earth, which will lead humanity into a new era of peace, prosperity, unity, equality, freedom and happiness. As soon as the Earth has been united, I will step down, and elections will be held to elect a new leader. Thank you, soon, all of this will be over soon, and we will have one united Earth. At last we will unify humanity under one nation, we shall throw of the chains of oppression, of tyranny, of unequality; we shall persecute all who oppose the inherent rights of humans, and we all be free!”
~ Kuvira Laghima, declaring the Earth Empire

Laghima's speech was met with universal approval on the Square, where she was applauded, and people began chanting "Long live the Great Uniter". Soon after, Laghima began calling herself The Great Uniter, among other titles such as Light of Humanity and Supreme Servant of the People. Despite these apparently bombastic titles, Kuvira Laghima required no one to bow to her or address her as a superior, instead she insisted people call her by her first name. Regardless, people continued to speak to her as a superior.

Laghima promised she would step down as soon as the Earth had been unified, and would hold elections to elect a new Great Uniter. As the Earth Empire failed to unite the Earth, no elections were ever held, and the office was abolished.

Other titles related to Great Uniter

Laghima did not only have the title of Great Uniter, she also held several other titles, which served as instruments to raise public approval of the subjugated nations.

  • Supreme Leader of the Earth Empire - The title of Laghima as the temporarily appointed absolute leader of the Earth Empire. 
  • Light of Humanity - Kuvira created this title as a propaganda instrument to describe herself as the one who would bring unity, peace and prosperity to all of humanity.
  • Supreme Servant of the People - A title which Laghima used to describe herself as merely a servant of the people, who acted in name of the people.
  • The Savior

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