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Near-extinction of the human race caused by many fatal solar flares.



  • April 4 - Three large, previously unknown comets impact the sun, causing a rapid increase in large solar wind and solar flares.
  • April 6 - The solar winds begin to destroy man-made satellites in the Earth's atmosphere. Most satellite television networks stop working. Many satellites and space stations fall to Earth and disintegrate in the atmosphere.
  • April 9 - Many American's that have been using satellite television, are forced to resort to using cable.
  • March 2- The world is forced to abandon satellite technology until the solar winds weaken.
  • October - The power and amount of solar winds returns to normal. However, most of the world decides not to continue with satellite technology.


  • June 7 - The first signs of a cataclysmic pole shift begin to appear after a small earthquake in the Yellowstone area.
  • September 19 - The Bruneau-Jarbidge supervolcano in Idaho erupts, destroying most of the state with it's pyroclastic flow.
  • September 30 - The Easter fracture zone, extending from Tuamotus to the Peru-Chile Trench, shifts. Most of islands of the Tuamotu Archipelago are completely sunken.
  • October 2 - The shifting of the Easter fracture zone sets off all of the volcanoes of Hawaii.
  • November - The ice at the poles begin to melt, however, due to the other events taking place, little is noticed.


  • January 9 - The Yellowstone super volcano which spreads from Wyoming, Montana and Idaho erupts, destroying most of the area. Much of central America is destroyed.
  • January 14 - The San Andreas Fault shifts, destroying much of California. At this point, all of North America, except the far eastern and northern sections are completely ravaged.
  • January 15 - The remains of Los Angeles sink into the Pacific Ocean, as a result of an aftershock from the large earthquake the day before.
  • February 1 - Mt. Fuji, a large stratovolcano in Japan, erupts, destroying much of the surrounding area.
  • February 6 - Multiple underwater fault lines begin to shift together creating many megatsunamis. Thailand, Chile, Haiti, and Egypt suffer from the worst of them.
  • February 7 - The power of the cataclysmic pole shifts are at their peak. Northeastern America, South America, Africa, China, and Japan are severely damaged by more megatsunamis.
  • February 8 - Massive megatsunamis flood over southern Africa, India and the Himalayas. The face of the Earth appears completely different.
  • February 11 - Megatsunamis completely cover all of South America
  • March - The many icebergs of the Arctic completely melt.
  • March 15 - The Antarctic is flooded by the rising waters.
  • March 24 - The blanket of ice covering the underwater Antarctic has completely melted.

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