Great Pacific War





East Asia, Pacific Ocean, North America.




Empire of Japan; (France, Siberia - Non-aggression pact)

China, United States, United Kingdom, (Germany, Netherlands --logistical and military advisor support to China)







Casualties and Losses



The Great Pacific War refers to the large scale conflict in the Pacific ocean islands and East Asia, beginning with the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931, culminating in the total war between the United States of America and the Empire of Japan from 1941-1944.

Japan invades Manchuria

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Japan invades Chinese Republic

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  1. Germany provides logistical and advisory support to China.
  2. USA provides "volunteers" and logistical support to China.

Siberia and Japan announced non-Aggression Pact

France and Japan announce non-Aggression Pact

The Petain government in France was sympathetic to, but would not ally, with Fascist Italy and the quasi Fascist Japan. The de jure state of war between Japan and Germany factored into French diplomacy at the time. France on the one hand wished to maintain cordial relations with America, Japan and Britain, each with potentially antagonistic imperial aims in the region. As a diplomatic compromise, France and Japan agreed to the neutrality of Indochina. Japan invaded French Indochina in December 1940, justifying the actions as militarily necessary to prevent ongoing arms shipments into China, in violation of neutral Indochina. France protested the action, but did not actively resist.

United States supports Viet Minh.

Japan attacks the United States of America & British overseas possessions

Japan and the USA enter period of "total war."

Blockade of Japanese home islands, offer of negotiated peace by USA

Japan to cede occupied islands (Taiwan to China, Okinawa to USA) Withdraw from Korean peninsula.

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