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Eastern War

Great Northern War

Rome (orange), Sweden (yellow) and the Northern Federation (purple)

8th Century, AD




Scandinavia; British Isles; Northern Europe


Sweden becomes Roman client state; Northern Federation founded


Roman Empire

  • Sweden (after defeat by Rome)
  • Roman Imperial Mercenaries

Northern Federation

  • Norwegian Norse
  • Sweden (before defeat by Rome)
  • Scottish Celts
  • Irish Celts
  • Welsh
  • Cornish
  • Western English Celts
  • Finnish and Saami allies




Changed over time

Changed over time

Casualties and Losses



The Great Northern War was the name given by the Romans to a series of conflicts they fought against the Scandinavians, while trying to conquer that area. At first, the Romans fought against Swedish and Norwegian norsemen; but after years of combat, the Swedish agreed to surrender to Rome, and become a 'client state' of the Empire. The Norwegians continued the fight alone for a while, and managed to hold off because their home terrain seemed impenetrable to the Romans, who were not used to such a Climate.

Meanwhile, the Norse were conducting their Viking Raids against several Roman settlements in Western Europe; and there was an outcry of Provincial Governors to be better armed against this new threat. The Roman army ignored these requests; and instead focused on trying to defeat the Norse in Norway, thereby stopping the Viking raids.

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