Great North Petroleum, Inc. (Russ: ) was a major Alaskan petroleum gas company in operation between 1910 and 1984. At its zenith in 1970, it controlled 80% of the country's privately-owned petroleum and natural gas reserves and was one of the wealthiest companies in the world. After the Duma passed the strongest antitrust legislation in Alaskan history in 1977, the company was charged with being a monopoly and broken up into several companies as part of a compromise between conservative backers of Great North and the Moderate Party, which effectively led the conservative coalition in the 1980's, instead of nationalizing and seizing the company's oil reserves. The breakup of Great North led to the formation of Yukoil, Petrol-6 and NovoGaz, as well as reopening the Alaskan oil fields for drilling for American companies such as Texoil or LSPR. The remnant of the company still called GNP was absorbed into Yukoil in 1992 as part of a government-backed merger between the two companies.

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