GNNA Flag 2The Great North American Alliance

The Great North American Alliance was an alliance formed after the Great North American War. The Alliance's main purpose is to prevent another conflict like this from happening, or at least keep it from it spiraling out of control like it did.



Current Members

  • Ohio
  • American Union
  • California
  • Cascadia
  • Texas
  • Central American Empire and allies

Retired/Resigned Members

Kicked Out Members

Offical Rules

  1. All of North America will be divided up amongst the participating nations to prevent future conflicts.
  2. All nations of the GNAA will have free trade between its members. All lands are to be open to each others merchants.
  3. All nations without players are fair play; However if anyone attacks a nation with a player will face the wrath of the alliance, excluding should they have a good reason or they are from a different continent.

Discussion Board

Nations that need to sign the treaty/ Possible member nations

  • Dakota
  • Durango
  • Cuba

War with Canadian Tribes

California: Canadian Tribes have attacked people on the West Coast, mainly in California and Cascadia. We need to, at the least, send weapons to Cascadia who is fighting these tribes, and at the most, declare war ourselves and invade the tribes. Now, I know we all are weary from the war, but we should at least send some troops and weapons to aid the invasion.

American Union: We have troops and men already in place to fight the Canadians. We will have them march immediately. If we capture the enemy ringleaders, should we hand them over to you or just deal with them ourselves?

Ohio: We will send troops up through the Great Lakes to help quell the rebellions.

California: Should the enemy ringleaders be caught, then I think they should be sent to a central location where they can be prosecuted for their crimes.

American Union: A example has to be made; I suggest allowing Cascadia try them due to the crimes occurring in their territory.

Cascadia: At least, I shall show them a lesson. At most, I shall puppet them. I believe that the ringleaders of the assassinations are from Canada. I think the AU should attack from the east, and I shall attack from the north and west.

Carolina and the CSA:

American Union: I'm a little worried about how isolationist the CSA has become, I think we should discuss how we should handle it if the CSA becomes too aggressive. Texas, I know you mean well but openly funding Carolinian rebels just after a war the CSA thinks it was cheated out of isn't helping it view us in a positive manner. Also how do we handle the new government holding the canal, ideas?

CSA: The CSA announces that the Richmond Wall is now on the entire Confederate border and all trade and contact with this organization is over with. Your ambassadors have been dropped off on the other side of the wall somewhere in Ohio, and will never be allowed in again. Also, the Mississippi River is closed to all but Confederate trade south of the CSA border. Artillery and troops maintain their position on the wall both day and night. After this, all communication have been cut and your citizens in the CSA taken by the government and will only be returned if the Carolinians will be returned. They are not being harmed.

Well, that's reassuring...


California: Settle down everyone. Now first of all, there isn't much artillery. And that wall can't be that strong since it was made in six months. Now, if the CSA wants to leave the International Scene , it has every right to do so. However, any citizens belonging to any other nations will returned to their homeland. Now, the Carolinians should be returned to the CSA. We don't have any more matter in the Carolina Issue, it will only cost lives. Now, about the new nation, we should try and get them to join the GNAA, that way we can trade using the Panama Canal.

Ohio: Ohio WILL attack if you do not free our citizens YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO HOLD THEM LIKE POWS!!!!!!!!! You are acting like a complete buffoon. WE WILL LEAVE YOU ALONE< JUST GIVE US OUR DAMN PEOPLE. WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS!!

American Union: Thank you Ohio, I agree that we should interact diplomatically with the Central Americans as if we can bring a strong ally to that region then our trade lines will be secured. About the Carolinians, well all I did was open the border, I didn't send aid, troops or ammunition. All i did was allow people to run for their lives to a place that wasn't shooting at them. They are not being held hostage and can come and go as they please. Despite this, the CSA has taken my citizens hostage. As in these people are being held against their will and have been taken solely because the CSA government hasn't been allowed to shoot at refugees. This cannot be allowed to continue. Next turn I am sending a ultimatum and if not fulfilled then I'm getting my people out of their. I will hold the CSA government responsible of their condition and if necessary end the existence of this over aggressive lunacy on my own.

Also I did a page for the great war, edit it if you can think of parts which would make it better Here

CSA Territory.

What is to happen with the CSA's territory now that it has no player? Is it possible for the AU, Ohio, and Texas to annex it?

Central American Empire: I know i'm not a member Of this (yet) but You do Should Annex It but i would think that the Ones to decide How much terrain Each One's get should be either Cascadia and California As well that They Should Get A small part of It Two,Due to being Great aid to Texas During Their Conflict, as well Carolinians But You can Tell me if you don't agree with in which case i'll change map



  • That is a no go, this page is only for GNAA members.
  • Central american Empire also Can I Join the GNAA,you can if you are on the North American Continent. What nation are you? TacoCopper

Oh, OK. and I'm Central American Empire

Eh. Close enough to North America. Welcome aboard. TacoCopper

  • i'm not a fully recognized Member But he said i can so...

Texas: We need to take him out while we can! We need to act fast! I also propose to make Miami an international trading port, run under the joint jurisdiction of the GNAA, where all nations can trade. I also have no problem giving California and Cascadia some un-adjoined land in the CSA.

Ohio: Agreed on both counts. I propose that we also make the Mississippi a free economic zone as well

Texas: How about West Florida (I mean the colonial West Florida, not the western part of the state)?

Ohio: Seems like a good idea, think the others will agree. What happens to the rest of CSA land? I propose that Texas gain all the way to OTL Louisiana. Ohio will take OTL Arkansas, the AU or Cali or whatever can divy the rest.(P.S what do you think about our new flag for the alliance?)

Texas: Let's let Carolina keep its independence. I'm down with what you said.

Central American Empire: It's a wise idea, to make Florida One entrance to the GNAA economically,also Can the MSCIS Set a base On Florida Territories, For Commercial Purposes?

  • That's what Miami is for. Everyone can access it, but we will run the operation.

Ohio: We propose a compromise, the GNAA will allow trade through Florida as long as the GNAA gets the same from Mesoamerica

Central American Empire:Fair Enough choose from the Current Game Map the Position Of the Port you Want

Texas: Panama Canal Area

Central American Empire: Nice try, but I'm Even Hesitating to give access even to the MSCIS, as well your Florida Base doesn't Allows nothing even Near of What you Can do With the Channel so, sorry pick another Place, we I'll Talk in another Occasion of the Channel.

Ohio: OK how about Veracruz in OTL Mexico?

Central American Empire: the only Positions i fully control are Nicaragua to Panama, and Mod says I don't Have Control Of Yucatan (in OTL Mexico)

Durango Has control Of northern Mexico,n And he and I are going to Invade the Terrain so You have to choose the southern area

Ohio: How about the Port of Balboa in OTL Panama?

Central American Empire:If You Get Access to it without Using Any,access to it without Using the Panama Channel until we set a treaty For the Channel fine, And to be More Friendly from my sole Empire You also get access for free to Portobelo, Near the Channel

California: Guys, it doesn't matter. If we let the Central American Empire join, which I think we should, then we all already access to each others land if it's for trade purposes. It is the second rule of this alliance. Now, if we are dividing up the CSA, I want South Carolina.

Ohio: That's the thing Cali, they are not joining but forming their own "Axis" alliance to compete with us.

California: Really? 'cause I was asked by the Centro American Empire if they could join us. Maybe we should ask the Mesoamerican Alliance to merge with us and we form the Great American Alliance.

Central American Empire: In fact I did want to join this but, Expecting that California Gave the news, So YaY! I'm now Part Of the GNAA, All I can Say is that I'll not Give Any Access to the Panama Channel For warships Against Any member Or ally Of my Empire, That Being Said You're Free to use My channel

And I like What Cali Said, In the Matter Of the Division Of CSA can you Give me Small Portion Of it, So I Don't Depend On a Naval Fleet to Communicate With Ohio, The AU and Texas.

Ohio: I am more than okay to have you join, I just thought that you were making your own. I have no objection to any of the terms and would like to welcome you on board. I do ask however to ALL GNAA members, if Ohio can own a small portion of Florida. Ohio is land locked and has no direct access to the sea.

American Union: I'm fine with the Central Americans joining, on the division of the CSA, give me most of the eastern seaboard territories, I'll give the people of Carolina semi-autonomous government. Also I suggest giving Ohio Tennessee and Alabama, I get the seaboard down to Georgia and Texas gets Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. We can bribe Cuba into joining us with florida while Ohio gets sea access.

How about this map:

640px-Proposition 114

California: I like it. I don't care if I get land or not, just wanted a colony. However, before we officially add this as the map, we have to war with the CSA.

Central American Empire: I still Insist in getting some Territory, in the South Near Florida, as well Keeping Carolina's Sovereignty, and I think we should Keep the east Half of Florida To be Given to California or Cascadia

the West of Florida Can be given to the Cubans and Ohio Gets Sea, Texas More terrain, as well The AU and I get a small portion of CSA, i Made two Propositions one with full Carolina's independence and one with half of carolina under AU control...

Tell me anything you might not agree with.

Proposition prima


Proposition secunda

prop two

Texas: I propose this map. Bright blue is international free trade. Cuba only gets land if they help. Otherwise, it will be divided among Cascadia and California.

Ohio: As staed previously, Ohio needs direct contact to the ocean as it is one of the ONLY landlocked nations in the GNAA. I propose since most of the Mississippi River flows through my lands, that I be given the point where the Mississippi meets the Gulf.

Texas: Yeah, I gave you access to the Gulf. Sorry, it's kinda hard to see on this map, but believe me, it's there.

Central American Empire:Well he could Receive More,after all he has, most of the Rivers Extension and He need's Access to The ocean, as well I think Cuba should Get southern Part Cause, well That way the would be near their Island Itself and I Agree with the rest of the Map In exception of those to facts

American Union: I could agree with this map if you could reduce to Carolina territory (I know I will technically own it but i would rather control most of it directly rather than through state government) Just count Carolina as part of the AU with slightly different laws.

Texas: I would be satisfied if Carolina remained sovereign but became a satellite state for the AU. These people fought for independence, and if they can't have it in full, they can at least have some. (It will still come up as an independent nation and still show up on the map.

Humanity Proposal


Sims is retiring from the wiki! We need to move fast and take down the CSA!!!CourageousLife 03:51, June 18, 2012 (UTC)

It's not Sims - at least not the first one, The other ones he might have, and please Re post all and Maps, I want to Keep Playing this game... God Look, PS the first one was a friend of mine, Which got this page from My pc,

Don't worry, I'M GOING TO KILL HIM >)=0

Mesoamerican Threat

The imperialistic nations to the South have formed an alliance to combat our own. I suggest we ask Cuba to join the GNAA again and let the other alliance know that we are considerably more advanced and better equipped than they are. War with us is a VERY foolish endeavour. I (and I am sure the other GNAA members agree) DO NOT WANT WAR. So I motion that we begin to set up defensive parameters to ensure war does not come. Andr3w777 23:43, June 15, 2012 (UTC)

Hey - it's Durango Empire Who starts To be a Threat For you, I joined because it was a nice move to Have an Alliance that would give support as you did with CSA Im practically going to do what you Did, Help him if he needs But I'll not Be sided with anyone unless im attacked during the conflict and thus I'm not going to allow any bellicose Movement through the Panama Channel Which is Currently Under Reconstruction Sine dei gloriem

I meant to combat the GNAA economically not militarily. The sole purpose of the MSACIS is to help our nations economically and you have much more people then we do so it would be stupid to attack you. Willster22 00:00, June 16, 2012 (UTC)

Thank God, America was already tear apart by the CSA-TEXAN war and it would be good to Keep Peace as Major Politic In between The American Alliances

American Union: considering the Southern American's only want to compete economically, I'm sure they won't mind colonies in South America...

Central American Empire : In fact Brazil wants Many terrain as well the Durango Empire and My Plan is to Expand My Empire In the Northern South America So unless you set the colonies in Uruguay and Argentina Territories We do Mind

Discussion on the GNAA Economic Sections

Ohio proposes that we create a unified common currency(similar to OTL EU or US) As we are a military AND economic alliance, it only seems logical to have a unified currency system. Any thoughts?Andr3w777 01:02, June 16, 2012 (UTC)

The American Credit

The Centi-Credit (0.01 Credits)

The Deci-Credit (0.10 Credits)

The Credit (1 Credit <duh>)

The Deca-Credit (10 Credits)

The Hecto-Credit (100 Credits)

Ohio proposes the Amero

Basic denominations of 1$, 10$, 20, 50, and 100(OTL US D)

  • Coins will be called Ameris and will follow OTL US Cents.

I guess we vote?

California: I like the Amero better. It seems easier. Don't get me wrong, the Credit is a good idea, but I am not good with telling the difference from a Hecto to a Centi. So I vote Amero.

Ohio: Votes Amero.

American Union: I vote for Amero, it makes more sense as any currency we were using before would either be barter or old dollars

It has been settled by a majority vote. the Amero is now the official GNAA currency.

The Red Hand Menace

American Union: Looking at the recent post by the mods i can't help thinking that my police forces are a little out classed by the terrorists. Then I thought "what would Herbert Hoover do" so I am restarting the FBI and reintroducing passports. This is not meant to be isolationist but i want to know who is coming in and out of my country. I plan on sending in a team to Washington to try to find fingerprint files which will aid my men's investigations. Also i already have troops in Canada so I will continue expanding and hopefully, not only gain some extra land, but also smoke some of these Reds out.

Central American Empire:we are seeing that your answer To this thread Is Probably the right Call... As well And Despite the Fact That The Red Hand Menace Will not became threatening to The Empire, It's likely That Another Menace will threat the Empire.This being Said.The Imperial Police,The Investigation Unit Of the Empire and Imperial Court to avoid any Event as well the Imperial Sentinels To Protect The Emperor And the Council

Ohio: I agree, back when President Caldwell got assassinated the Federal Investigation Agency was commissioned to do a similar thing. I might also do the passport thing because it should help me track who comes and goes. Ohio is also expanding a little into Canada. If we take all their land then the Red Hand has no where to run except into the firing squad line.

Discovery and Division of Europe and Asia

Cascadia: Due to the recent exploration of Europe and Asia, to prevent over expansion and to keep all members of the GNAA equal, I suggest a "Treaty of Tordesillas" style division of Europe and Asia.

American Union: I am colonising some of the islands in the North Atlantic. If everything goes to plan then I'll be setting up colonies in Europe and organising some type of trade agreement with the locals. I would also like to colonise some of Morocco but will share Europe with other nations. The rest of Africa is up for grabs and I believe Asia is in Cascadia and California's sphere of influence. I have no right to decide what happens there.

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