The Kingdom of Khemet
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OTL equivalent: Egypt, Israel, Libya, Sudan, Turkey, Jordan, the Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Armenia, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Ukraine, Romania, Belarus, Macedonia, Iraq, and parts of Russia.
Khemeti Possessions
Location of Khemet

("Lo to Ra!")

Anthem "Praise Ra and His Glory"
(and largest city)
Other cities Khartoum, Port Sudan, Luxor, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Mecca, Medina, Antioch, Damascus
  others Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Amharic
Religion Polytheistic Religion
Ethnic Groups
  others Axumite, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Scythian
Demonym Khemeti
Government Absolute Monarchy
Pharaoh Necho III
Population 437,160,000 
Established 3150 BCE
Currency Khemeti pound
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  summer (UTC + 2 (No DST Since 2011))
Calling Code +20
Internet TLD .km
Organizations Council of African Nations

The Great Kingdom of Khemet, commonly known as Khemet, is a vast empire consisting of the core territory in North Africa, and several colonies an vassals which are located in the Middle East and Southeastern Europe. Recognized as the most powerful nation on Earth, Khemet is both the largest and most prestigious of the African colonial powers, and is the dominant military power in Africa. It is the first of five other superpowers, though its closest rival, the Empire of Later Axum, appeared to be catching up to it. Since the Age of Colonization, Khemet, refusing to involve itself in the colonial games, sought to extend its influence at home and because of this detection, no other empire can stand before it alone.