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It said if Michael Jackson goes into politics and religion and declared semi-retired from music career to believe he the seventh grandson of Greek or Wiccan God Pan or Just the Horned God and this due of his hero last name of based of the deity's name and that him created Political-religion or Cult of Personality as "Jacksonism" during and after 1996 election if he lose the election and that creates successful uprisings for a year and Jackson later control 45 states put three states are remained control the old government and Hawaii and Alaska secede from USA due of Revolution.

Point of divergence

  • Micheal Jackson is more having from Small Name, Big Ego from OTL, into actually developed Personality Disorder by various psychologists put that he Heavily denied himself to having that disorder.
  • He also become Musical dictator and retire making Music since 1997, So that make him eternal President of "Musical States of America".
  • George H. W. Bush and his family are technically control of Texan Government due they attack the Texan office at Texas state capital building as Free Nation, Which regardless that His control Texas.
  • Both Alaska, Hawaii and Later both Oregon and Washington are now Independent nations and Jackson just let them go and recognized both them as nations.
  • Jackson's government only control 45 states with 75 nation recognized as legitimate government of States of America, While old Government was Control 3 state put in 2007 Washington and Oregon declared secession from "Old America", Just only left Idaho as remain of old government.
  • Almost Americans left from now Jackson control America and that event created "1997-2002 American Migration to Canada" what make Canada to get more than eleven million Americans from Jackson regime.
  • Jackson Created Ideological-Religion named "Jacksonism" for gaining American to Worshiped him as Horned God and Promise that he Animal God in Human form.
  • A New Roman Republic is form under to Revived the Language as Only Official Language, Culture, Traditions, Military and Religion as Political-Religious Organization of Jupiter, Minerva and later Mars. In 1451 since Byzantine Empire is failing to revived the Roman Empire under Jesus Christ and try end Catholicism due of Ottomans are destroying them and much. So a Neo-Romantic group successfully coup the Venice President and Renamed as Venice-Roman Republic for eighth year until right time to invaded the southern Italian countries in 1461-1464.
    • Enough earlier attempted of Revived Western Roman Empire was abandon overtime by decision to live was is [by Real Western Roman senate] of feared that they were using outdated military technology in 620 AD, Overtime next one thousand years they become mostly pacistic nation with no other choice put still permitted can "invaded" some Southern African tribes through negotiations to expanded territory for nation in very deep south of African continent, Some of Southern African tribes outside of nation's borders are self converted on few tribesmen to Mixed of Original Roman paganism with their tribe beliefs with only few begin immigrated to New West Roman nation soon later be Romafrica to be civilized and make "hybriding" with Roman culture.
      • Put many years of using same technology but Heavily modified with some proto-genetic engineering and machines of mostly 'human-less gladiator robots' for Bordering on nation's territory and capital of Originally New Rome and later New Athens for every two hundred years so it's literal become "Roman version of Tomorrowland" unfortunately due of caring hundreds of limited tools when were citizens back then to build their on nation, Put they use mostly creative ways of using same technology to something powerful with various glass kept torches, pseudo-advance military tech to defended their nation from carnivores, violent tribes from rest of africa. Put enough its when right time to scout of Europe of reviving Romanism as Major religion again. They want to be part their first colony of Second Roman Empire in 1690. With hugely successful did become their colony except Neo Rome remain unchanged politically except now technology to creation of Light bulb from Thomas Edison visit the city's re-conversion into British-theme colonial city with some City's famous technology were put into museum [for try make their own base of this technology] to find creative invention like Edison is make "Glass kept touch 2.0" thirty years after 1850 that annexed to British Empire in of "Invasion and Fall of Neo-Rome" for last twenty days with several lives were killed.
  • Kingdom/Empire of Mail was never existed put due of Western Roman Migrants heading away from Europe and try get away from Christianity into bottom part of South Africa (which become as "True Western Roman Empire" for 1,400 year before "True Western Roman" scouts finally connected by Gallary to Rome for permitted to be "first pre-colonized nation of world" in 1690), It create once of Holy Zeus Nation of Maillia an Semi-Republic Theocratic Empire that covering most all of West Africa as mostly close nearly culturally and religiously successor of Western Roman Empire for mostly 800 years? Until its downfall in 1350 by discovered by newly formed Ethopian Empire's scouts find existence of nation and sent their missionaries to separate into neighboring nations due of mistaking as possible revenge from Western Roman Pagan reactionaries to attempted reconverting Europe back to Roman paganism.
  • Subcultures like (Jugglos, Goth, Emo and Furries) are Underground Subcultural Micronations in Musical States of American and Hipsters an revival Subcultures are quickly die off due mass conversions to Jacksonism thus making Subculture short-lived.


Current Nations

  • Muscial States of America (45 States inducing Jackson city, Formerly DC)
  • United States of America (Idaho)
  • Musical Republic of Cascadia
  • Kingdom of France
  • Republic of Ireland 
  • Republic of Wales 
  • Socialist Republic of England 
  • Republic of Scotland
  • Neo-Roman Republic of Switzerland
  • Republic of Hispania 
  • Republic of Alaska
  • Republic of Hawaii
  • Republic of Texas (Which Half Micronation as Political-"Business" Organization and Half Nation as few Non-UN members accidentally Recognized as Nation)
  • Roman Remnant Provinces of Northeastern Italy
  • Free Second Republic of Italy
  • Federal Republic of Nigeria
  • Commonwealth of Western Africa
  • Kingdom of Romifiva

Micro Nations

  • Furry Nation (Micronation Recognized only other Micronations)
  • Emo-Goth States (Micronation merged for couple times, This is still Second time they merged)
  • Jugglo-stan (Micronation Recognized by Emo-Goth States only)

Historical Nations

  • Byzantine Empire 
  • Ottomans Empire
  • Second Roman Empire
  • Holy Zeus Nation of Maillia
  • Kingdom of Romafrica/"True Western Roman Empire"/Neo Western Roman Empire/Southern Roman Empire (Eventually become part of Second Roman Empire)
  • Neo Rome (Its technically was de jure capital of Kingdom of Romafrica/Neo Western Roman Empire, Put its become evolve overtime to became fully independent city-state in 1000 AD and announced New Athens as new capital of nation ever since.)


Main Article: Religion

  • Jacksonism
  • Neo-Romanism
    • Jupiterism, Minervanism and Marsism
      • Earth Followers of Italy (Formerly Earth Followers of Itaita) (Heresy since 1675)
      • Faunites (Technically Independent Religion put is still part of Neo-Romanism and Announced their Freedom from Neo-Romanism since 1905)
    • Saturninism (A Schism Spit from Jupiterism, Minervanism and Marsism since 1520)
  • Neo-Africanism (West Domatation)

Science and Technology

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