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Strasserism Hammer and Sword
Great Heathen Army (English)
Mycel Heathen Here (Anglo-Saxon)
Den Store Hedenske Hæren (Norse)
Timeline: Nordica
OTL equivalent: Great Heathen Army
Flag of Northumbria Northumbria and Flag of Mercia Mercia
Flag of Bretland Bretland
Ravne flag.svg
CapitalYork (after 87?)
Official languages Old Norse
Ethnic groups  North Germanic
Demonym Viking
Religion Norse Paganism
Government Monarchy
 -  King Ivar the Boneless
 -  Established 865 
Currency Pant

The Great Heathen Army, also known as the Great Viking Army, was a massive army and political structure in Britain. Originally arriving as unorganized raiders in 865, and terrorized the island of Great Britain until the death of the de facto leader Ivar the Boneless in 87?.


Work In Progress

Arrival of Bagsecg's Summer Army


A total of 17,000 troops