Great Global War
  • Pyrrhic victory for the Coalition.
  • Fall of the totalitarian regimes in Europe, Asia and America.
  • Creation of the Global Council.
  • Invention of the Atomic bomb.
LocationEurope, Pacific, South-East Asia, China, India Middle East, South and North America, Mediterranean and Africa
Troops Mobilized
Golden Coalition:
  • Maratha League: 29,250,000
  • Russia: 22,050,000
  • Poland: 21,790,000
  • Quebec: 19,980,000
  • Others GC: 20,050,000
    Total GC: 111,895,000
Tulip League:
  • China: 30,110,000
  • Ottoman Empire: 29,190,000
  • Mexico: 19,203,000
  • Siam: 15,100,000
  • Others TL: 25,550,000
    Total TL: 119,923,000
Casualties (includes civilian deaths)
Golden Coalition:
Tulip League:

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