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Artists depiction of one possible way the genocide could take place (war.)

During the Great Colonization War, the Great Genocide Concern was a prediction that once humans colonize Luna and Lunar colonies get over populated, they would commit genocide of lunans to claim more land. This was especially a concern to the Native Aborigines, whose "ancestors have felt the same pain." This led to aboriginals protesting war, slowing down movement of military personnel. Canada had almost left the war because of the amount of protesters but had remained an ally of the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

There were several possible ways the genocide could take place. Many Aborigines theorized that war, a nuclear weapon, a disease/virus, or concentration camps could be used to conduct the genocide. It was after the war was over and the Space Colonization Treaty was introduced and signed was this concern put to rest. The 12 countries allowed to colonize Luna were obligated to accept the following terms:

  • To inflict no harm of Lunar inhabitants except in the case of the declaration of war.
  • To in no way allow nuclear weapons to be used in the event of war on Luna.
  • In the case of war on Earth, all colonies on Luna are prohibited from attacking a rival country.