Ron Paul

High Commander Ron Paul is often credited with the concept and implantation of this Plan.

The Great Free Market And Liberty Plan (often times simply called Great Free Market Plan or GFMP) was a radical economic and social plan used from 2003 to 2008 in order to transform the United States from a developed economy to a new theoretical stage of development called an "Austrian State". This was done through mass privatization of most government functions (Military, Social Security, Post Office etc.) and was based on the concept of Austrian economics.

Headed by President Ron Paul, it would prove to become a success, with only the negligible deaths of 15 million Americans[1].

Freedom quotas

Famine Family

Example of the unexpected setback of the plan.

The Plan instituted a system of quotas for many Americans, which were both economic and social, and based on the freedoms found in the Constitution. The economic quotas were often times 500% of the available material used for production. To help institute the quotas, child labor laws were abolished, and unionizing became illegal. For social quotas, Americans were forced to perform acts of public indecency, or else face execution.

Repeal of Plan

After being pressured by special interest groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, along with various union revolts and strikes, the Plan was scrapped and the economy was normalized.


  1. The Not So Great Free Market Plan

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