República de la Gran Colombia
Republic of the Great Colombia
Flag of Gran Colombia (1821) Coat of arms of Gran Colombia (1821)
Spanish: Unión

Location of Colombia in South America
Capital Bogotá (8,363,782 inh.)
Largest City Bogotá (8,363,782 inh.)
Official Language -Spanish.
Government Type
-Manuel Villegas Orozco.
-Independence from Spain.

Area 2 519 954 km²
Population 109,932,000 inh.
GDP Nominal Turkish lira symbol black 5,456 trillion (7th)
GDP PPP 2007 Turkish lira symbol black 6,786 trillion (2nd)
HDI 0.851
HDI Rank 34th (very high)
Currency Colombian Peso $
Demonym Colombian.
Administrative Divisions 33 departments and 1 Special District.
  • Catholicism 98%
  • Others 2%
Armed Forces 289 thousand active troops.

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