Great Chief of the Mississippian Confederation
Last Great Chief

Heir apparent: TBD
First monarch: Great Alligator
Residence: Epic Flying Serpent Mound

The Greats Chiefs of Mississippia were the leaders of the confederation of tribes that comprise the Mississippian nation. They served as both Head of Government and Head of State, and served for as long as they live unless overthrown by a brave on the Grand Council.

The traditional method of transitioning from chief to chief is hereditary and the reigning chief was able to pick which of his sons will succeed him after his death. There has been no recorded instance where the Great Chief had not passed the chiefdom on to his eldest son.

List of Great Chiefs

House of Great Alligator

The House of Great Alligator is considered to be the first house to control the Great Chiefdom of Mississippia. This is because of Great Alligator's ability to centralize the city of Cahokia and unite a large number of Mississippians under one banner - that of the House of Great Alligator.

Great Alligator was in contention with Birdman throughout the majority of his reign. When Great Alligator died in 1440, his son, Swift Hawk, was supposed to take the throne but chaos caused by the exile of Birdman led to the rise of the House of Rektaw.

Number Picture Name Lifespan Reignspan Notes
1 Great Alligator Great Alligator 1378-1440 1393-1440 In contention with Birdman

House of Rektaw

The House of Rektaw was the second, and longest to date, royal line of Mississippia. After the conflict between Birdman and Great Alligator came to a climax with the death of Great Alligator, the young brave Rektaw managed to avoid an all-out civil war by being an alternate candidate. He defeated Swift Hawk to secure his position.

The House of Rektaw ruled for 93 years. Most of this time was a time of great peace and economic growth. However, towards the end of the rule of the House of Rektaw, leadership became less capable. Under Diwali the Lame, the House of Rektaw was on its way out; the Grand Council chose Antinanco to rule the nation.

Number Picture Name Lifespan Reignspan Notes
2 Rektaw the Great Rektaw 1419-1465 1440-1465 "the Proud"
3 Galegenoh Galegenoh 1432-1489 1465-1489
4 Tah-Chee Tah-Chee 1471-1524 1489-1524
5 Diwali the Lame Diwali 1498-1533 1524-1533 "the Lame"

House of Antinanco

With the election of Antinanco, his house took up the leadership of Mississippia. It was under Antinanco that the Cahokian Empire was established, but his son Cristophe was the true revolutionary of the 1500s. Cristophe organized the structure of a confederation and also was responsible for the modernization of the nation and the widespread adoption of Christianity. The House of Antinanco reigned for just fifty years, before the Catastrophe of 1583 saw the end of the Confederation.

Number Picture Name Lifespan Reignspan Notes
6 Antinanco the Restorer Antinanco 1516-1558 1533-1558 "the Restorer"
7 Cristophe the Christian Christophe 1539-1478 1558-1578

Formerly Mohe

"the Christian"

8 Zacharie Zacharie 1563-1583 1578-1583 Last Great Chief of Mississippia


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