Kingdom of Great Britain
Flag of the United Kingdom
Capital London
Largest city London
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Currency British Pounds

The Kingdom of Great Britain is all that is left of the once-mighty British Empire. The Empire was formally dissolved by the Treaty of Cairo in 1962. Britain's only current lands are England, Scotland, Wales, and the Isle of Man.

Current Status

Tony Blair has been under fire for his "War on Terror", declared after the terrorist attacks on London in 2001. Britain's badly staged invasion of Afghanistan is seen by many as a fruitless attempt to gain revenge.

The Treaty of Cairo

The Treaty was signed by representatives of all British colonies at the FAL Hedquarters in 1962. FAL President Hanab was there to supervise and make sure the British did not alter the guarantees, and a small delegation representing former colonies observed as well. The Treaty released all British lands “excepting the Kingdoms of England and Wales, and Scotland, and the Isle of Man.”

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