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United Kingdom of Great Britain
Timeline: No Napoleon

OTL equivalent: United Kingdom, excluding Northern Ireland
Flag of the United Kingdom (No Napoleon) Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom
Flag Royal Coat of Arms

Dieu et mon droit (French)
("God and my Right")

Anthem "God Save the Queen"
(and largest city)
  others Cornish, Irish, Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Ulster Scots, Welsh
Demonym British, Briton
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  legislature Parliament
Queen Elizabeth II
Prime Minister
Area 229,767 km²
Population 62,262,000 
Established May 1, 1707
Currency Pound sterling (GBP)
Time Zone GMT (UTC+0)
  summer BST (UTC+1)
Calling Code 44
Internet TLD .uk
Organizations Union of Europe

The United Kingdom of Great Britain, known as Great Britain, Britain, and less commonly the United Kingdom, abbreviated as G.B. or the U.K., is a nation located off the coast of Europe.


Act of Union


World Wars

Monarchy Scare

Modern history


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