United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Flag of the United Kingdom
Official language English
Capital London
King in 1919 George V (1910-1936)
Prime Minister in 1919 David Lloyd George (1916-1924)
Establishment United Kingdom, 1801
Currency British Pound

The Role in the War

Britain was very active on the Asian-Pacific Theater. The British Colonies of Malaya, Burma, and West Pakistan defended themselves bravely against the Japanese, but without success. Later in the war, Britain participated in the recapture of Java, Sumatra, and most importantly in the fall of the Thai government in 1924.

Foreign Relations

Neutral in the 1914 war, the UK fostered friendly relations with Napoleon IV and Kaiser Wilhelm II, and joined the EA at the same time as France. In a series of treaties, the UK was bound to defend Serbia and the United States in case of an attack. Although unable to stop the Soviet capture of Serbia, it did provide some advisors (military) to the Serbian government-in-exile. The United States was never attacked and remained neutral throughout the war. The US treaty was never put in action and not renewed. The treaties with Serbia and France were both renewed in 1945 and 1946 respectively.

Colonies in 1919


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