Kingdom of Great Britain
Flag of Great Britain (1707-1800)
Official language English
Capital London
Largest Cities London: 5,800,000
Birmingham: 1,000,000
Leeds: 600,000
Population 41,000,000
Nation formed May 1, 1707
Currency British Pound Sterling (GBP)
Prime Minister Sir Steven Radford (Liberal Party)
Our Timeline Equivalent The United Kingdom excluding Northern Ireland

The Kingdom of Great Britain, formerly The United Kingdom, is an island nation north of the European mainland. Once the largest and most powerful empire in the world, Britain stands today a weak and shattered remnant of its former self, serving as one of the last true vestiges of democracy (albeit a battered and nearly broken one) in Europe.

With the massive Nazi Empire to its south, east, and north and an indifferent if not at times hostile Ireland to its west, Britain has been isolated physically, militarily, and financially for over half a century. Foreign aid trickles in from its few far-flung allies and/or trading partners in the Americas and Oceania, but with little natural resources of its own and beset on all sides by belligerent neighbours Britain truly remains in a state of perpetual desperation. Hundreds of thousands die of food and fuel shortages every year, particularly during the winter months. Automobile travel is generally non-existent amongst the general population as exceedingly high petrol costs have made motorcars luxuries enjoyed only by the elite and essential government services. People and goods generally travel by a national rail system, although service is also considerably expensive and nototriously unreliable. Crime is predictably appallingly high in Britain as unemployment consistently hovers around 50%.