Factions in GAW

The factions in the Great Atlantic War

The Great Atlantic War was a conflict that was a symbol of the tensions between the motherlands and the newly independent colonies.

The war began when the Castilian king decided that Castile had been robbed of its colonies. He decided that all former Castilian colonies should be united under his rule. He created an alliance with Leon, who also felt the independence movement had robbed them of their colonies, and created a campaign of conquest.

North America

In 1894 Castile declared war on Mexico and Texas. Castilian troops surged up from Panama and attacked the Mexican city of Veracruz. Veracruz fell before the Mexican army could respond. It took almost a month to get the Mexican army remobiliz ed, and by that time,Castilian forces had almost reached Mexico City. This advantage was short lived, as the Mexican land army quickly drove Castile back down to Panama afterwards. The Castilians then took advantage of their naval superiority and were able to capture land about 10 miles inland all along the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately, one of their sea admirals made a fatal error and also bombarded and invaded Florida. Deciding it was better to invade than apologise, the Castilians land and begin a catastophic campaign in which the Castilian army is crushed at the gates of New Orleans. The Floridians and their allies the Aragonese are quick to retaliate and so the Castilian Antilles are under the control of Aragon by 1895. The New England and Virginians send aid to the Floridians and the British, also bitter, attack Nova Scotia, in the "August War" and capture all the area up to New Hampshire before the conflict ends in the Treaty of Halifax. Meanwhile bloody fighting along the coast has failed to end the Castilian reign over the seas and so the war grinds into a deadly stalemate until the war ends by the Treaty of Madrid in 1897.

South America

The war in Southern America was short and bloody. The Leonese fleet landed in Caracas in 1894 and attacked en masse. Gran Colombia fell within months. Peru managed to hold the line at the Andes, and the war in the south also ground into a stalemate. 5 years of bloody fighting went by before Peru and Leon also signed the Treaty of Madrid.

Result of 1894 Great Atlantic War

The result of the Great Atlantic War.

Result of 1863 Portugal-Leonese War

Before the GAW.

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