This article was created if the U.S. Conquered most of their former war time enemies.

The war of 1812

This timeline diverges from our world in the War of 1812 when, the U.S. besieges all of British-controlled Canada. America aids the French against the British, and France will later become a greater ally than the British. The British will later only become allies with the U.S. in World War 1. The U.S. fortifies the east coast completely and uses the Great Lakes for a place of future expansion into Canada.

Greenland purchase

Later in the 1830s U.S. bought Greenland from Denmark for eighteen million dollars. Greenland's population rises by nearly 200%. Its economy grows moderately because of fishing. The U.S. constructs twelve strategic military bases in Greenland.

The Mexican-American War

During the Mexican-American war, America conquers Mexico. Mexico is now a fast economically growing state.

Alaska and Super Projects

Alaska and the Kamchatka Peninsula are bought in 1857 for just 9.1 million dollars and the U.S. now has claimed nearly all of North America.

In the 1890s, the U.S. takes super projects which include mainly extending rivers.

1. The Rio Grande is extended to the Gulf of California.

2. The Mississippi River is extended to the Great Lakes.

3. A new river is created to connect the Hudson Bay to the Great Lakes.

In the 2000s, the U.S. makes super bridges, connecting many places; the most notable of these are:

  1. Many Caribbean Islands are connected together.
  2. Japan is connected to Korea
  3. The Kamchatka Peninsula I connects to Japan

World War 2

In World War 2 America, instead of atomic bombs, sets up a full scale land invasion of Japan with Russia. The Russians invade the North, while the Americans liberate the south. The Americans, unbeknownst to the Russians make a treaty to both attack the Russians. While Operation Unthinkable is set in motion, with France and Spain as well as the US and the UK. Little Boy and Fat Man are dropped on Moscow, and Saint Petersburg. Japan was to be given the Kamchatka peninsula while the U.S. annexes the rest of Russia. The U.S. then turns on Japan and takes the mainland. Most countries are not angered because the U.S. returns the rest of the land of the Japanese empire to their respective owners. World War 2 finally ends in May 23, 1949.

The Korean War

The U.S. puts a very large amount of military force in the Korean War. The Americans defeat China with many counter offenses. The U.S. uses their strategic Japanese and Russian positions to invade Manchuria. The American Navy cuts off Chinese shipping lanes, and destroys their coastal cities. This comes at a massive loss on both sides of the conflict. After a long, bloody war, the U.S. takes Manchuria. The Korean War is now called the Chinese-Korean war. The Chinese economy is greatly damaged. The war ends on January 4, 1958.

Australia and the Asian-American War

Australia, wanting to join the union, is annexed in 1963. In the 1972, China invades U.S. owned Korean-Manchuria. This is met with a swift bombing attack on major Chinese cities, and the U.S. Navy destroys all seaport cities as well as any boats. China is slowly annexed. India and Mongolia find the U.S. invasive to their lands and join forces with China to fight back. India and Mongolia try to cut off US supply routes to western China, but are ultimately unsuccessful. The US sets up a base in Sri Lanka and bombs inland cities. Due to Mongolia's small population, it is quickly annexed. India puts up a good fight, and the US has a hard time traversing the Himalayas, but uses its Air Force to decimate all resistance. While India makes some difference in the war, they are all annexed by 1983.

Present day

Trade relations greatly improve with countries like Sweden, Germany, Italy, and Greece. By this time the U.S., the U.K., and the French are the only nuclear capable nations. The War on Terror, or the Middle Eastern Wars do not happen because the Cold War never happened. The U.S. is the fastest growing economy, mostly exporting agriculture and technology. Its GDP is 23.1 trillion. The U.S., as well as many European countries, have claims on Antarctica.

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