Great Alligator
Great Alligator
Portrait of Great Alligator
Born 1378
Died 1440
Style His Chiefly Majesty, Great Chief Great Alligator of Cahokia
Title Great Chief of Mississippia
Term 1393-1440
Predecessor First Great Chief
Hiloha as Chief of Cahokia
Successor Rektaw the Proud
Religion Southern Cult
Children Swift Hawk
Great Alligator of Mississippia was the first Great Chief of Mississippia, and ruled from 1393 until his death in 1440.

Great Alligator's reign was known for the creation of what is commonly known today as Mississippia from the city of Cahokia. He is among the greatest Great Chiefs of Mississippia, and was involved in both the subjugation of Moundville and the rivalry with the House of Birdman.

Early Life

Great Alligator was born to the assistant chief of the city of Cahokia, in 1378. His father instilled in Great Alligator a strong sense of ambition and desire, which would spur Great Alligator to work extremely hard to rise to a position of extreme significance in Cahokia.

He was a reknowned hunter and warrior and was elevated to an important position in Cahokian society due to his father's repuation and prestige. When the Chief Hiloha of Cahokia died in 1393, many elders gathered to determine who should be the next chieftain, but the personal egos of many there prevented the election of an older member of the community.

Great Alligator happened to be out hunting that morning, and returned with a giant boar slung over his back. The elders of the Grand Council quickly learned the man was Great Alligator, and he was named the next chief of the declining Cahokian civilization.


The reign of Great Alligator marked the end of the Cahokian Decline which had slowly begun in the 1350s. Droughts throughout the surrounding regions forced many natives to search for refuge, and many found their refuge at Cahokia, along the banks of the Mississippia River.

During Great Alligator's reign, knowledge of iron became common, and the advancements that this new technology brought were astounding. Great Alligator had to deal with the Moundville civilization in the south, which he ended up taking over economically.

Great Alligator's feud with Birdman came to a head later in his life as the populace preferred Birdman, but the tribal nobility preferred Great Alligator. Due to this contention, the Florida Revolt of 1433 saw the loss of some Cahokian lands.


After the death of Great Alligator, a fight over who would be the next Great Chief broke out. In the end, neither Birdman nor Great Alligator's son (Swift Hawk) were made Great Chief, and the onus fell onto Rektaw the Proud.

Great Alligator was cited as a major inspiration for both Rektaw the Proud and Antinanco the Restorer, who both were responsible for creation of new royal houses. His impact was widely felt throughout the nation for over a century of his death.

The creation of the Epic Flying Serpent Mound was his greatest accomplishment, and the throne room is named in his honor.