Grand Valerius States
Gretal Eevaelias Aasteas
Timeline: Damalias Untold
Grand Valerius States Flag GVS Crest
Flag Coat of Arms
GVS locaion
Location GVS Valerius States

Val Wen, Cae Yona. (Valeric)
("Die Young, Live Old.")

Anthem "Vali, Elb Telain"
(and largest city)
Grand City of Arziovila
Other cities Caronia Levilan New Princeapalia Greater Ariuval Viluval
  others English


  others Cristianity
Ethnic Groups
  others Scandanavian
Demonym Aevelian (Valeric)

Valerian (English)

Government Dictatorship
  legislature The Valeric Council
High Dictator of Arziovila Aurelius Charles Tealesh IV
Area Metric 
Population 400 Million 
Established 1884
Independence 1884
Currency Valeri
Time Zone GMT -2
Calling Code 519
Internet TLD .gvs

Grand Valerius States (Valeric: Gretal Eevaelias Aasteas) officially, The Dictatorship of the Grand Valerius States (Valeric: Etidualac dai Gretal Eevaelias Aastea) is a nation located in northern Damalias. It is bordered in the south by Avgrov. The Grand City of Arziovila is the largest city in the Grand Valerius States. The Grand Valerius States is apart of the Damalias Security Council and a member of the United Nations. The official language is Valeric, and Damali is used as a trade language.

The origin of the Grand Valerius States dates back to 500 with the first of the major Valeric Tribal Federations founding named Valiac. The tribal federations, which were a major component of the history of the Valerians before the founding of the Valerian States.


The Valeric Federations

The Valeric Federations were tribes in the present-day Grand Valerius States that were unified under the banners of multiple federations. These federations were created by the largest tribe in this area of the land. They become the first nations in the area of the Grand Valerius States.

The Valerian Unification War

The Valerian Unification War was the war of Unification started in 1883 by Aurelius Tealesh I to unify the 6 states of the Valeric Peninsulas. In 1884, the end of the war was brought and the nation of the Grand Valerius States was formed. 


The Grand Valerius States is a very mountainous and snowy area of Damalias. Defined by the beauty of the mountain peaks, and the sprawling urban centers. The Grand Valerius States do not care about the environment much however, the few National Wildlife parks there are are focused near the center of the Grand Valerius States. It is dotted with long rivers and beautiful mountain lakes, as well as a large number of small islands that surround the mainland, including the island of Arzvioilla.


The climate of the Grand Valerius States is very cold during the winters and in the mountainous areas constantly cold enough for snowfall. The lowest tempature recorded has been -10 °C and the Highest being 31 °C.


Main article: Administive Divisions in The Grand Valerius States

The Grand Valerius States are a dictatorship, the members of the Valeric Council were appointed for life, or until they were removed from office by the dictator. This system of the Valeric Council has been in use since 1956 after rioting broke out.


Main article: Politics of the Grand Valerius States(Damalias Untold)

The Grand Valerius State and its Valeric Council are lead from the Grand City of Arziovila, which is the largest city and the capital of the nation. The Valeric Council was a set of advisors more than an actual council however they could create laws for the Grand Dictator to pass.

Recent Developments

Recently there has been favour for voting for the Valeric Councilors. As well as the spread of Communism to the Grand Valerius States.

Administrative Divisions

The Grand Valerius States, has six administrative districts, each of which named after a prominent faction or federation from the area. Each of these administrative districts has two Councilors. Each of the main districts is led by its largest town.

Grand Valerius States Administrative Districts

The Administrative Districts of the Grand Valerius States


Capital of Territory Population
Vali Vali 25 Million
Ateiuacanr Levilan  25 Million
Aaetislap Caronia 25 Million
Alepiaciaple Viluval 25 Million
Earivual Greater Ariuval  100 Million
Cvaivuial New Princapalia 50 Million
Arziovila Grand City of Arzviovila 150 Million


The military of the Grand Valerius States comprises of two branches. The Valerian Army  comprises  two branches the Valerian Army Air Force and the  Valerian Ground Assault Forces. The second branch is the Valerian Navy comprising of Valerian Naval Air Force, and Valerian Naval Air and Ground Assault. The military is lead by the Grand Dictator and the Valeric Council can control it. There is also a paramilitary part of the Valerian Military is The Royal Guard of the Grand City of Arzviovila is the guard of the city of Arzviovila and the Grand Dictator. 

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