1880 Grand Union (Principia Moderni III Map Game) 1894
Grand Union General Election, 1890
All 1000 seats to the General Assembly
May 6, 1890 (1890-05-06)
First party Second party Third party
GeorgiLvov--fallofromanoffsh00londrich Guchkov Flag of Lithuania (state)
Leader Boris Sviatoslavovich Bryakin Rekard Joglia Albert Grigoreit
Party United Liberals Christian Social Union National Conservatives
Leader since 6 November 1883 4 October 1878 18 March 1869
Leader's seat Novoprussiysk-na-zalive Vilnus North Neris-Nemuas
Last election 368 35 284
Seats before 365 34 285
Seats won 328 201 115
Seat change -37 +167 -169
Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Nicolas II Russia suit Flag of Belarus (1918, 1991-1995) Flag of Lithuania (state)
Leader Aliksandr Aavik Franak Yermachenko Lithuanian Guy
Party New Democrats Agrarians Lietuvos Sąjunga
Leader since 14 October 1884 17 April 1868 6 November 1863
Leader's seat Tartu Center Valerka Siauliai
Last election 81 37 34
Seats before 80 37 34
Seats won 91 51 42
Seat change +10 +14 +8
The General Assembly immediately after the Election
  United Liberal Party: 328 seats
  New Democratic Party: 91 seats
  Non-Aligned: 89 seats
  Vacant: 33 seats
  Industrialists: 24 seats
  Latvian National Democratic Coalition: 24 seats
  Lithuanian Nantionalist Union: 26 seats
  Grand Union Agrarian Party: 51 seats
  National Conservative Party: 115 seats
  Christian Social Union: 201 seats

Previous First Senator
Boris Sviatoslavovich Bryakin
United Liberals

First Senator-elect
Boris Sviatoslavovich Bryakin
United Liberals

This Election was delayed 4 years because of the war with the forces of communism, it would have otherwise been held in 1886. Two years later, the Sitting First Senator, Boris Svyatoslavovich Bryakin resigned his position, citing poor health and old age. This could be said to have directly caused the government to be defeated soon afterwards, causing an early election in 1894, because many were led by Bryakin's example, and few were willing to follow his succesor as leader of the Liberal Party, Nicolai Lavrov.

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